Yakima and the Tribs

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    I went back and forth from Cle Elum to E'bug. I thought I would do anyone "driving over to take a look" a favor and shoot a couple of shots of the Yak below the Teanaway. The first pic is at Swauk where it enters at the gauging station. The other is at the Teanaway under the US 10 bridge. Lots of color from both and I am sure it is no better lower.

    The good news is I stopped at the State launch and while the River is up and moving faster, the vis is good enough to count big rocks at four feet or better. The surface temp at the launch was 47 degrees so the water is warming up with the melt. Teanaway Under US 10.jpg Swuak Creek.jpg

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    Thank you TeeDub
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    Thanks Tee! Great idea, maybe I'll get some shots down my way.
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    I fished at various points around Cle Elum today with my son. First stop was above and below the weir by Hansen Ponds today. At about 11 am I took a reading and the water was 42. Later we fished around Bullfrog. We nymphed and swung streamers and had no bumps all day, which didn't surprise me too much. Lotta water, a bit dirty, but as Teedub noted, a good 4 foot + viz. The Cle Elum is running very clear at the confluence.