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  1. So I know the options...but having never camped in the canyon, is there anything non-rocky for a tent setup at Umtanum/Slab? Fire rings?

    For anyone that has used the campground at Red's...was it worth the $7.50 a person over Umtanum/Slab?

    Thanks much...I'll post a report on Sunday about the one that got away.
  2. Think of it this way: $7.50/person is the rough equivalent of admission to a movie. Movies are great for what you get to see. However, in the case of $7.50/person being the said value of Red's over Umtanum, it's just the opposite of going to the movies. What you are paying for is for what you don't get to see. What you don't get to see at Red's is all the vile trash past campers have left behind at Umtanum. The one time I thought of camping at Umtanum, I quickly changed my mind after seeing garbage lying everywhere and even soiled diapers tossed into the bushes. Pay the $$ for Red's. They're not only clean, the campsites are soft--seriously! Besides, they open at the crack of dawn so you can stock-up on the flies you forgot to bring, as well as snacks and beverages. Red's deserves mad props.
  3. I agree with Ceviche go with Red's as Steve runs a great place. You also have the sake of knowing your S#$%^ is a little more secure and watched over than Umtanum or the Big Pines. Though I do camp at all three locations with no issues..kock on wood... it just depends what type of camping I plan on doing and who I'm with wil usually determine where I camp but I prefer Red's
  4. yep-- camp at Reds
  5. Thanks very much...just the feedback I was looking for.
  6. KOA in ellensburg is available and has hot showers. Only problem is that you need to be able to sleep through trucks down shifting heavily, all night long, on the ramp running accross the river and the northern portion of the campground. Learned that one the hard way. :rofl:
  7. There is also another private camp spot / trailer hook up on Ringer Rd.
  8. Another vote for Red's! Great people, Great spot! Plus, you can leave all of your gear at your site{nite or day} and it will be right where you left it. :thumb:
  9. We stayed at the campground off of Ringer. It's a mom and pop operation and they're good folks. It was pleasant and I'd go back.
  10. if you dont mind backpacking, hike up umptanum creek a little ways. lots of room to roam back there.

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