Yakima Canyon trip question

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  1. I'm planning a mid-September fishing trip to the Yakima Canyon for 5-6 days and camp at one of the BLM campgrounds, probably Big Pine. I've not camped in the canyon before and am wondering about a drinking water source. I've heard there is no drinking water at the BLM campgrounds (don't know this for a fact), so I'm looking for where I can replenish my supply without going too far. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. Red's has a jacuzzi. Should be pretty clean.

    Sorry for the useless information. I guess what I'd do is get a huge collapsible jug and fill it up in Cle Elum or Ellensburg on the way in.
  3. Yes, there are no freshwater sources in the canyon. It's best to truck it in. It's been an absolute zoo in the lower canyon, not a surprise....
  4. A group that I've stayed with came with water frozen in bladders and we used the melting water for some of our needs. We also brought individual gallong jugs of water. I'd make a call to the folks at Red's and see what they say about it.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Bought a couple of large water jugs this weekend. @Derek: Hoping the zoo vacates by mid-September.

  6. I have always brought water when I can. I have also; always had a system to filter drinking water a well. I start with the goal of not using a filter on easy hikes/packs/caches. yet any time I will be a day from a known water source I make sure I have a filter.
  7. When you go on a beer and ice run just ask the person if you can fill your water jugs. I'd be really surprised if anybody turned you down. Isn't that truck stop a Flying J? Ask in there, or if you're doing business with Red's, I'd think they'd spare a little water. City parks are always good for a water source too. A trip to ye olde municipal pool is almost always a good way to get a cheap shower, at least in the summer, and not during swim team practice.
  8. I love Red's and give them a lot of my business- but I wouldn't bank on them being a water source. Even the people who rent the tents outside the lodge have to bring their own water.
  9. Forget the pumps. For car camping you'll do well with one of these:


    They work wonderfully, and you can replace the included bottles with larger sizes for greater volume.
  10. Great tip Dan. I'll be bringing one of these on an upcoming weeklong trip to northern Idaho!


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