Yakima flyboxes

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Davy, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. A short time ago someone asked what "our" Yakima dry fly boxes looked like right now. I had posted a couple of my boxes.

    :ray1: Seems only right to show what I actually carry in the boat and on our trips to NoCal and Nevada.

    I carry these in those soft-sided flambeau tackle cases - they really work well for carrying loads of flys. When wading just carry a selection in smaller boxes of what you may need that day. :thumb:

    Ofcourse by the end of the season the "labels" mean nothing. I just found some #4 salmons in the "tiny" box !

    Happy catching :cool:

    TL/ Davy :beer2:

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  2. thats awesome
  3. That Is Sweet, Nothing Worse Than Watching A Feeding Fish And Not Having The Right Fly
  4. LOL Miller, yeah right- last fall when a short lived Mahogany Dun hatch started you should have seen the fly boxes flying around in a panic trying to find them - thats the key. LOL - we did and got 5 or six ,then the hatch ended and the little fishees went back to their "hideouts".

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