Yakima March Brown wet old & new

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Davy, Mar 21, 2005.

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    This time of year in years past we often encountered massive March Brown hatches in some of the flats of the back channels in the middle river. :) :cool:

    Probably not this year with the low water as the channels are totally or darn near dry beds. :( :( :(

    During the hatches the trout would darn near be feeding right up at your knees for these little sailboats- jumpin threw your legs, etc, quite exciting to be sure. Often these hatches would last upwards of two-three hours back then. :cool: :p :cool: :thumb:

    Remember Mike? :rofl: :rofl:

    :ray1: It was during these times I always preferred fishing the wet fly as I didn't have to worry about re-floating it or anything after a fish- just throw it out there and let it swing . The fish would take the wet just as readily as the dry, infact , I felt it was more effective than the dry.

    This is the wet pattern I fished mostly and a "new" exciting pattern just developed with Sinktip in mind. :thumb:

    Thread, claret 6/0
    Hook- TMC 2302 or other #12,14
    Rib- gold oval small
    body is medium ginger antron
    Wing, mottled turkey
    Throat- woodduck or similar

    ****New pattern- same as old - except- JC wing and Jungle fowl saddle hackle collar tyed back.*****

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  2. Sinktip

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    Flies like that one put a smile on my face. :D :D A little JC twist puts a whole new look to a great fly and for me it is more about doing fun stuff like that with tying to change it up a little bit. Davy that is some funny cheet man!! :thumb:


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