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  1. Steve Vaughn

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    Booked a "Skwala Special" float at Red's with my friend Nate Boggs. Showed up at 10:00 AM to meet our guide for the day, Leif Kvinsland. After launching we anchored up just downstream of Red's to rig up and work the run a bit with a two nymph rig under an indicator. Not more the 5 minutes in Nate hooks up with a good fish that jumped and made the three of us gasp. After a 15-20 minute battle that involved chasing in the boat twice the thing hunkered down and we floated over it with the line ending up catching in the chain anchor pulling the hook loose. Pretty sure this was a steelhead and gave us quite a thrill to start our float.

    On a whole the day was slow, which made the numerous long-line-releases very frustrating. Brought to the boat was one nice whitefish and one 10" rainbow. We did hook some other fish with size but as I said they came unpinned. One that we got a good look at in shallow water looked to be rather large whitefish. In spite of the few fish hooked and fewer landed we had a great time getting to know Leif. This young man worked hard for us and was a joy to spend a day with.

    I have purposely chosen to exclude the description of my artistic exit of the boat before lunch, but I did have to explain why my clothes were damp when I got home. :(
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  2. Old Man

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    I didn't think that you of all people would fall in. You must of worked up a sweat on those few fish.
  3. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    Nothing wrong with falling in. I've done that 3 times so far and one time swimming after a boat broke up. The swimming part is best done with a life jacket.
  4. Steve Vaughn

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    Well, it was an ugly ballet. I was stepping out of the boat and it was a bit deeper than I thought. So there I am with one foot on the bottom and not able to get the other over the rail. Of course, the foot in the river started slipping and I went on my ass. About that time Leif grabbed me so I could regain an upright position. Thanks to the wader belt which I always keep cinched tight only the back of my sweatshirt and shirt got real wet. The seat of my pants was a bit soggy the rest of the day - now I know how my grandson feels most days. Leif loaned me his hoodie and we fished on. Nothing really damaged but my pride.
  5. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    I had a guy yank on the front of a boat to better beach it. I was standing up in the rear of the boat at the time and ended up with my rear end in the water, feet under the rear seat and unable to get up.
  6. Patrick Gould

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    Sounds like a fun trip Steve. Which day did you float?
  7. Steve Vaughn

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    We floated yesterday, Patrick.
  8. teedub

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    I used to work with Leif. He is one of the good ones with great knowledge and a gift for sharing without making anyone feel like they are at a disadvantage.
  9. t_law

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    I've floated with Leif a few times over the last couple of years and he is definitely a quality guide. That said, I booked a Skwala Special trip with the Evening Hatch (sorry Leif) and my brother and I floated yesterday from Ringer to Lluma (long foat btw). Our guide was dead set on throwing Skwala dries the entire day and that's what we did. To say the day was slow would be the understatement of the year. We did raise some fish to the surface but managed only one to the boat. It was nice to throw dries instead of staring at a bobber all day but I think we might have had a few more fish to the boat had we gone to a nymph rig. Anyway, we did see a couple and their young daughter float by us in a raft then proceed to hook up with a steelhead on a spinning rod. It was like a kick to the groin when our boat was already down. Only kidding, they looked super stoked and it looked to be a nice fish. That's all I got for you guys. Hopefully some of you had better luck yesterday than we did.
  10. Patrick Gould

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    Some days the Yakima will hand you your hat. Some days you can wade one 100' section and get a dozen fish, some days an all day float earns you a skunking.
  11. porterHause

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    Floated Saturday with fellow board member dcm from Ringer to Umtanum. Very slow morning...one fish on a zebra midge. Ended up with three fish to hand, the other two taken on an olive rubber legs with a green glass bead head. All of these fish were a solid 16" plus. Some action mid-day on the skwala dry, but no hook ups, mostly because I was trigger happy. Good float, and great to fish with a new board member. dcm, you'll have to let me return the favor and float YOU next time.

    Stopped in at Red's the next AM with my buddy that arrived Saturday night. That 3 fish day was apparently more successful than most of the guide boats...

    Went down to MP 10 on recommendation of the shop...somewhere around noonish. First cast with a dry brought a nice 14" rainbow to hand. Got 6 more (3 landed) to rise to the dry in the next hour...then NOTHING.

    All in all, a good weekend.
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  12. Greg Price

    Greg Price Love da little fishies

    As for falling in.

    Several years ago i launched at the Ringer boat launch.

    I was going to fish out of the drift boat solo.

    I mad the mistake of unhooking the boat before backing down the ramp.

    As you can guess, the boat bolted off the trailer as soon as I applied the brakes.

    The boat launched off the trailer similar to a top fuel drag car. I slammed the gear shift into "Park", jumped out of my vehicle and made a flying leap for the boat. My hands barely reached the stern. I was in chest deep water (summer flows) and the boat drug me quite a distance before i could wrestle it to shore.

    Lessons learned that day. Keep the winch line hooked up as the boat is being backed down a ramp, especially the steep ramps. Always hook the hand line up and keep it in my hand to gently control the boat as it is being launched.
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