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  1. Thank You for all the kind posts from so many members, while I don't post much, I do lurk quite often. The fishing has been pretty darn good of late, but it looks like the Teanaway is about the muddy up everything downstream. March Brown's and Skwala's have been good.

    New log jam down stream from the state boat launch at East Cle Elum. full blockage, portage possible, but be safe and take precautions.
    log jam.JPG
    Lost and Found:

    I found a small wood net and fly box on a gravel bar last week in the canyon around mile marker 19. flybox had a Creekside sticker on it.

    I lost another flyrod! while portaging the log jam below state I was in a hurry and haphazardly set the rod in the back of the raft. When I took out at Bristol I noticed it was gone. My own fault. Scott A3 9 ft 6wt with a Ross evolution 3.

    I lost a Scott G2 9ft 5wt last year above 3 bridges. I had a terminal cancer patient in the boat during the Drake hatch. The guy broke his flies off in a snag, I had another rod ready to go, he set it down in the drift boat, and proceeded to hook a monster that we chased downstream. When we stopped and landed the fish, the G2 was gone. I didn't say a word, what could I do, these things happen.

    If anyone finds either rod, a free trip is your reward.

    Ask me anything, I'll try my best to respond!

    Ryan White YT
  2. You the same Yt that I met fishing with Macrowdy on the N/F Stilly one time.
  3. Sorry about the loss of the rod YT. I sure had an excellent trip with you on Thursday! Rick
  4. Thanks for the heads up on the log below state.
  5. You're a class act. Good for you for letting that pass without even mentioning it to the client.

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  6. OMJ! Of course it's me. I have fond memories of the N/F and you laying in the rocks. And yes, I used to come on this website and be a bit of a horses ass, but it was all for fun and good natured. Although some didn't see it that way. I apoligize, I was young and stupid. Almost 10 years ago..crazy how time flies..

    How's MT? I'll be over in May. Craig MT is one of my favorite places!
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  7. Thank you Rick Todd!

    Cutthroat Pic?
  8. No questions? ask me anything! I'm feeling good this morning, I will be as forthcoming and honest as I can. The harder and more technical the better! Bring it!
  9. I'm waiting for Steve to email me the cutthroat picture (didn't get that fish on my camera), and then I will post it! Rick
  10. I have so much good water were I live that I don't need to drive long distances to find fish. Checked out the fish per mile today. Was told that it is about 4000 fish per mile on the upper end of the Beaverhead, and about 3200 fish per mile on the lower end. Now that's a lot of fish. But some days you can't buy a fish.

    You were never stupid. You just hung around with Macrowdy to long.
  11. FYI a guide from reds Fl;y Shop posted this morning on FaceBook about a rod found near Ensign Ranch. contact mike@redsflyshop.com
  12. Whitey-I posted this on another thread, but here is that nice cutt I caught with you! Ricky on the Yak 007.jpg
  13. That is a nice cutty!
  14. I hoped you tipped him at least $10 like I did. A guide that produces fish like that earn a good tip.
  15. dfl,

    I feel like driving over to Sequim and giving you a bro hug. ;)
  16. Lex,

    I can't seem to find it, was it a Scott G2?

    I like Mike, he's a good dude and a great guide. Always professional on the river. Not surprising he would look for its owner.
  17. Just looked at the Facebook post again and he didn't say what it was, just that if you think it might be yours to email and describe it. Good luck!
  18. Hierionymus!? You related to Mark?

    Gotta be right, how many hieronymus's can their be?

    G smolt is a legend people....
  19. I sure am :) although he's probably forgotten more about fishing that I will ever know. Too bad its not hereditary.
  20. No questions?

    What's the best hatches? What are the hatches most anglers fail to recognize? How to approach a complex hatch situation. Why do 10% of anglers catch 90% of the fish? What's the best creek in 1000 miles? How do we solve the wild steelhead situation?

    *sit's in the corner, cries uncontrollably*

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