Yakima River blockage between Hanson Ponds and I90 bridge

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Derek Young, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. A large tree has nearly spanned the river, from the right bank at the nice brown cabin with the steel angler statue. There are two larger ones ready to fall which will totally block the only passable channel at current flows.

  2. Thanks for letting us know Derek.
  3. Derek - what are the rules on chainsawing those trees?

    It's not allowed right? Unless it's a "river safety hazard". It seems like every tree crossing the river is deemed so.

    Any idea into what the process is for determining this?
  4. I've mentioned a number of blockages to the KC Sheriff, particularly below Bullfrog. There was a lot of woody debris movement this year on the Upper, some already bad spots got worse, some bad spots washed away - the nature of a dynamic system. Taking out at East today, I warned a couple of guys about the blockage and portage below, and they opted out.

    I won't be the one to take a chainsaw to any of these blockages, but I know it's been done - probably "in the interest of safety" but in reality it's just opened up blocked water or made it easier to use. Hopefully someone with more knowledge about procedure, etc. will chime in.
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  5. Derek
    How long is the portage below east Cle Elum?
    I'll be floating that in the next week or so with a older fellow. Just want to make sure I have enough manpower to do the portage.
    The blockage is just downstream around the around the corner from the launch, correct?
  6. My guess is you would need to get a hydraulic permit from the state (HPA) in order to chainsaw or remove those trees. That said, the sheriff may be able to do it without one under the guise of public safety. It's that those trees have attributes for the aquatic life in the river, so removing them (and causing some geomorphological changes) is not encouraged.

    But, I'm just guessing.

    Thanks for the heads up, Derek.

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  7. Stonefish, there is a small split off the river directly above the blockage below east...you can easily walk your boat down this little side channel...granted it has been a week or so since we floated that section...Derek might be able to confirm if there is still enough water...that is my favorite float by the way.
  8. What temperature was the tree?

    i kid. i kid.
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  9. Summer flows give you that option, and it's sweet back in there. But, it's too low now to get anything but a one or two man pontoon or smaller craft - it's a portage to get back in there as well with anything bigger.

    The last time I floated below East, the entire channel was blocked and it was just a short couple of moves over a downed tree - granted, that was at much higher flows. I haven't been back down there, because of the amount of downed wood from the left bank towards river middle was so extensive that making a portage around it was WORK. So, I haven't had eyes on it since then - it could be passable, but having eyes on it will be the only way to tell.

    I probably won't get there until after the weekend, so floater beware.

  10. 100 in the shade.


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