Yakima River Clean-up Days - October 2009

Discussion in 'Events' started by Derek Young, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. :thumb: That works MUUUUCH better! Sorry to put a wrench in the machine, but there's a big bull with my name on it this year. :D

  2. Derek.
    That sound good to me, I'm always more pumped to get things done ASAP.
    But I'm willing to go with whatever works for the most participants.
    Thanks for the consideration.
    So yes I vote for Sept 26-27th
  3. i was fishing it today... someone did a clean up run.

    it was hot as hell today too. most the river has bags ready to be picked up

    almost got nailed by mr.nosholuders today too! 2 times! 1st one was 2 feet in front of me!
  4. Well - that's good. The power of positive thought on a clean-up and it happens - I wonder if it was the DOC crews out there?

    Will still be a good excuse to be on the river and have a BBQ, meet some WFF folks and do a good deed.
  5. Derek.
    How about I make a flyer and we can ask some of the Fly Shops around if they would be willing to post them in the shops and or pass them out?

  6. Great idea Bill - I'm going to stick with the October dates however. Knowing that its opening day and that will preclude some folks from coming out is a bummer, but there is pretty widespread interest in helping out in cleaning the river on those dates.

    As well - this is truly an altruistic effort here. I am not seeking corporate sponsorships or asking for donations, giving prizes, etc. This is just a group of people organized to help clean the river. BYO truck, boat, food, and trash bags. I'm going to check with the BLM about using the large trash bins in the Canyon campgrounds. Ideas for upper river disposal?

    What did you have in mind for the flyer? Directing people to this thread for more information? I have a Facebook page titled Fly Fish The Yakima that I will use to organize this as well.

  7. :( Well, hope you guys have a good time get lots of trash. :thumb:
  8. Derek.
    I will let you know if I'm going to be there when we get a good bit closer to the dates you have set.

    Thanks for the effort.

  9. check with Shields bag and printing!!!!!

    they might donate some bags i used to work there!...... i might ask them, but i really can't stand them! (most the shields guys are ok, just blah to some fools they employ!)

    i say we do this! it sucks i would have to take a day off to do this so... so i RSVP'd might be attending!
  10. Come on folks lets help out on this event, And set a good example to the rest of the Fly Fishing World.

    Bill Dodd.

  11. I found a mountain bike in the river near Umtanum today, but didn't have the ability to pull it out just yet. Tons of frisbees from "Let's Go Tubing" out of Leavenworth (believe they have a van and tubes at Umtanum). Lots of other junk - we'll have very visible results.
  12. This is a funny story!

    I was rowing down just past Red's last weekend. I saw one of the Frisbees and decided to chase it down. I came close to the bank as I was hunting down the blue flash I saw every now and then. As almost a sign from god, My dad reaches down to get it and I notice the writing on the Frisbee. "Paddle!" it says, I look up and see a VERY dangerous low hanging tree, ( not a sweeper but close.) and I start to "Paddle!" my ass off!!! I made it out but I ended up Laughin' until I hurt inside after realizing what just happened!
  13. Sorry fellas, but we are celebrating my wife's birthday on Oct 17-18. I offered to give her a trip down the Yak as a present, but no go...

    Hope you guys have fun!
  14. I did the same thing Connor. And Jake, props for putting it out there :)
  15. Derick.
    Is this event still planned for the 17th..???



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