Yakima River Float offer.

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  1. Hey guys. I am putting myself out there and was wondering if at all in the future you may have an open seat while floating the Yakima, I would love to come along. I will provide good food, beer, and fuel money. I have never been on the Yakima before, and am dying to go but I know that it is only "fun" unless you can float it, and unfortunately I do not have the means to do so.
    Sorry to make this sound like a personal's ad! LOL
  2. Do not overlook some reachable by foot areas. Floating is great, but not essential.

  3. Thanks for the advice. Last time I hit the Yakima it was a long time ago. I stopped in at the fly shop down there in Ellensburg and they were very kind in pointing me in the direction of accessible water. Every time I see videos of people fishing the Yakima via floating seems like such a good time.
  4. No doubt! Floating is fun for sure. Some intel, good maps and asking questions led me to finding fish on foot a few times. I valued those trips as much as floats with friends.
  5. Yeah I am gonna have to drive my butt down there next monday.
  6. PM me some dates you were thinking.

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  7. What days are you usually available (as in, do you have any weekdays free or is weekend only)?
  8. Right now I am available weekdays and weekends. Waiting to start a new job right now so I am pretty open.
  9. Fall is a great time to wade fish because the flows will be lower. Lots of spots to pull over from Bullfrog by cle elum, or you can go into the canyon in eburg by umptanum and even ringer loop. Ive found late sept / oct some of the most productive on the Yak, but I only swing the dry.

  10. Thank you for the pointers, that is very kind of you. If I see you out there this Fall there will be a couple beers in my cooler for you.
  11. Not a problem. The Yak is controlled by the irrigation so it gets high in the summer and low in the fall. You can definitely still wade fish just options get smaller and I would recommend being a decent wader in some area's if you plan a summer trip. The October Caddis hatch over there has been good, and basically any type of stimmy seems to always get some rises. That offer sounds good, ill definitely be making a trek there once the water drops. Heading to the Rock Creek River in Montana tomorrow, so hoping for some action.
  12. When I want to fish the Yakima, especially in the canyon, when the water's high, I just fish the rip rap banks. You don't even have to wade. Just watch out for the stinging nettle. I hate that stuff.
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