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  1. one of these weekends i'm wanting to make a day trip across the pass to fish the yakima. does anyone know of some good places to go? i don't have much experience fly fishing i've only been doing it for maybe a year. any help would be great.


  2. Stop at Creekside in Issaquah on the way over for some idea of what to use. For a beginner, I would suggest that you stick to the upper area, starting at Easton. I haven't caught the big ones up that high, but there are some decent fish. From Easton, continue to Cle Elum. Take the second Cle Elum exit and head down highway 10 towards Ellensburg. The road basically follows the river. There are pull off spots, some close to the river, others way up high. Not sure of the flows right now, but my guess is that they are high. That would make the lower canyon, below Ellensburg, a little tough to wade. If you make it as afar as Ellensburg, stop at Worley Bugger Fly Shop.

    You might want to check out the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie. It's a little closer and has a lot of room for casting. The fish aren't as big as the Yak, but it's a good river to start out on.

    The only way to get experience, is to get out as often as possible!

    Good luck
  3. Just a sidenote to the suggestion of the Snoqalimie Forks:

    On 6 July, I took a look at the Middle Fork at Mt. Si Road bridge, and it was running quite high (still lots of melt off this year). Darn, this is one of my favorite spots! Looked 'wadable' but opted to hit the So. Fork over by Twin Falls SP.
    Very wadable conditions there.

    I hear you when you say they aren't as big as Yak fish, but as we know it's a close drive and suprisingly a decent sized specimen can be hooked now and then. First got a few average Snoqulimie 8 inchers, then at the tailout end of run picked up a nice ~13" rbt on a soft hackle pattern. Despite my 'dryfly' fondness, I have had good success on the MF, NF, SF of the Snoqualimie with traditional wet flys - peacock body, partridge or grouse soft hackle in size #16 to #14. I think it most likely represents a caddis emerger that are so common on the Snoqualimie
  4. thanks :THUMBSUP

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