Yakima River Good Samaritan

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  1. To the Good Samaritan who found my rod/reel today in the parking area off the So. Cle Elum bridge and who kindly moved it to the edge of the fence out of the way of vehicles but where I could find it after driving back the 1-1/2 hours tonight after figuring out what a bonehead I was for leaving the rod leaning against my vehicle as I packed up, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    Please PM me if you are on this board or if you know who that kind person was.

    Whew, what a relief.
  2. When I'm fishing and I get done, the first thing I do is stick my rod in my truck. I only lean my rod against my truck to change flies.

    Thank goodness for other people. Most would just pick it up and say "I just got a new rod today".
  3. It's nice to hear that there are good people among us.
  4. Cool story, good to know there still are good people around.
  5. I'm nervous in these situations as to what to do. Do I leave it and risk someone else stealing but then give the person a chance to return to find it or do I take it and then do whatever I can to find the owner. Glad this one worked out for you!
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  6. Very cool. I'd hope all on the forum would do the same....I suspect so. Agree with Ira on whether to leave where found or secure and post on popular sites lost & found...which I did once for some high end sunglasses (found their rightful owner). Kudo's to whomever it was!
  7. Not the normal outcome at a crowded river parking lot.
  8. I found a rod at a very popular access in Montana on the Madison. I took the rod with me but left a big note with contact info. I guarantee if I left it, it would have been picked up by someone else only to never see its owner. Later that eve, I got a call from a guy claiming to be the owner. After he described the rod in great detail, I agreed to meet him at the local bar, normal stopping point after a good day on the water, to give it to him. Gave him his rod back and he insisted on buying me a drink so I obliged. The guy not only bought me a drink but informed the bar tender, not to my knowledge at the time, my drinks were on him for the next 5 visits to the bar. I could have easily rang up a huge tab but would only have a couple each time I went in.

    Glad things worked out for you para-adams.
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  9. Irafly and Abomb, if I'd been the one to find it rather than forget it, I would have been scratching my head what to do to. Do you leave it hoping the owner returns for it? (maybe it helped that it was late in the day when I left it). Take it and leave a note? (probably the best idea). Drive it over to the local fly shop in Cle Elum, Troutwater? (I called them and left a voice mail after hours and they kindly returned my call this morning saying they had not received any reports on it - they were impressed to hear how I'd found it). Whoever did this - I'd like to express my thanks. This was my one expensive rod and my favorite.
  10. I found a rod up high on the Noochee. I left a note stuck on the tree branch and never heard from the person. I brought it back with me during the first 3-4 times i went back up in there. I posted on sites and left a note at the store in Monte.... i was really hoping to find the owner. It was a nice rod and an old spinning reel. This was years ago... i probably should have left it there, seldom do i see anybody up there. I was more worried about somebody keeping it. I was torn.... what is the best chances of this rod getting back to the owner. I worried about that alot over time and its kinda funny that i went thru the effort to find the guy and felt guilty not gettng it back to him.
  11. Still good people out there.I think the note is the best way to go.
  12. I Agree. Never thought of that before. Might even make up a couple laminated notes and keep in the pack.
    By the way, every time I see your username it cracks me up. Oh, the irony...
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  13. Not a bad pick of me.
  14. Good Karma grows and protects this world.

  15. Are you Julia Roberts???
  16. Even the Devil makes mistakes.Gawd she gotta horse face.She would never leave a note.

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