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  1. Im dying to fish the Yakima and I can take it no longer. Im picking up a new sage tomoro and ill be hitting the river saturday depending on how badly its raging. So how far up should I or can I fish to avoid the flows and still be into decent numbers of fish per mile. If you would rather PM me info im all for that as well to not put extra pressure on the spots. Generally I fish alone unless I can coax another member into going with me. I usually fish Umtanum area but that seems to be pretty high unless we get a break from the rain. How is the area right below Kacheelus Lake? Or along Iron horse trail up high? Any info is much appreciated.
  2. Thomas,
    They are stepping up the flows right now throughout the basin, so it will be tough to find a place to wade:

    You might be able to find a side channel in the Cle Elum vicinity, or perhaps the section below Easton, but above the confluence with the Cle Elum river will be wadable. That stretch often is lower than the rest of the river in summer, because they divert a lot of water coming from Kachess and Kacheelus out of Lake Easton into the large canal on the south side of the valley. The main stem below the confluence with the Cle Elum then primarily carries water from the Cle Elum reservoir to the lower farmlands. That leaves a few mile stretch of water above the confluence that is of moderate flow.

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  3. Richard nailed it, the section below the Easton diversion dam and the Cle Elum confluence was my choice last weekend, as it was really the only wadable water (that I know of...)

    Here's a link to the flows below Easton diversion:
    USGS/USBR Stream Flow Gauge:

    As of now it's at 678 CFS - when I waded a stretch there it was 380 CFS and I had one crossing that really sketched me out... So - even in the area below diversion it's really cookin' with gas now. I wouldn't bother trying to wade until the Fall, unless this particular gauge shows a big reduction like back down to 400 or less. Maybe someone else knows of some secret area they might PM you, but that's all I've got, and, I've fished most of the stretches from Keechelus to Roza.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Get thine self a boat! :)
  5. I tried the stretch just below Keechalus on Sunday and it was a little "uncomfortable." Pretty fast water up to about mid thigh. Oh, and no bites either.
  6. How about the Naches. Should be getting better within the next couple weeks. Nothing special but its moving water.
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  7. While in my experience the rainbows in the Naches are pretty typical, there are some darn fine cutthroat in that river.
  8. IMG_0073.JPG IMG_0072.JPG IMG_0071.JPG IMG_0070.JPG IMG_0068.JPG IMG_0108.JPG
    Last Monday south Cle Elum to Bristol. To on dries in a 30 minute stretch when it stopped raining. The rest was a lot of nymphing. Over all the bite was a 5 out of 10. We really tried a lot of different flies and it seemed to be more if the fish was eating it would eat anything reasonable passed over it presented right. Probably about 12 fish in 8 hours. But, I think Derek is right get aboat out there right now! I did not see many spots for wading besides the few channels.
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  9. Nice work. Love seeing those yak westslope cutties!!!
  10. Beautiful fish

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