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  1. After reading everyone else's reports on places, I figure maybe I should give my time to anyone out there interested... Spent the last three days on the Yakima, in the canyon. The river level is a touch higher than I would like as I wade for the most part. And have done so for over 20 years.The evening temperatures have finally dropped and the mayflies have made their presense known. Saturday morning was around 28 degrees. Had two fantastic afternoon hatches of bwo's and the fish were locked in and waiting. Most fish were in the 14"-18", a few around 20" range if you took time to pick and chose the fish you were throwing to. Lots of smaller if you didn't mind or care. I usually try and pick out one fish and see if I can get him. Probably had somewhere around 20+ fish days. Have had better, and worse... No wind to speak of and the weather was perfect..Met my two boys over on Sunday and its a pleasureable treat to watch them use the tools I have given them. My oldest is 6'6"/215 and can go wherever he pleases over there. Problem is with him, is that at 18 he is so wound up, he doesn't see whats in front of him and he walks right over working fish as he sees something and takes off to go get it. misses a lot that way. My younger son is 14, and naturally smaller(older one got the size, he got the brains), so he can't get to all the water his brother can, so he uses his talents to fish the water in front of him, and can and does with a passion to outfish his big brother. It is a treat to watch the younger one fish within himself, know his limits and at times spank his big brother. I am so enjoying to just sit back, rod in my waders and soak up that moment of satisfaction I have created giving the boys the knowledge of not only how to fly fish, but how to read water, understand hatches, thier limits, be respecful to the water, and the fish... AND CATCH THEM (and big ones too). When they were too young to go with me, I could't wait to get them over there, and now that I can have them with me fishing, it now feels complete.... Dads, take them fishing, teach them the things you already know and take for granted. They grow up way to fast. You know where they are, can teach them things, and enjoy thier company, and they will be gone way too soon. Soak it up while you can, the time they have with you could be limited. Give them the gift of your knowledge. Lots of sheep and deer if you felt the need to take your eyes off the water. Water clarity is better than some years from Wilson Creek. If you ever see a newer light tan Tahoe along the river, thats me. Stop by and say hi... Oh, and watch for cops with radar, saw them every day shooting pictures by the Ringer Road cut off.

  2. Great report. Your story reminds me of my situation. Four girls and three boys, ages 5 to 18. The older ones are in to puberty and are too good to listen to anything I have to say. The little ones though, whenever they ask, I let them tie. Same with casting. I never push, they get bored quickly. I've really got to get them into some hook-ups next year. Make some memories for 'em.

  3. Great report!!! Are you sure you're not me...I too was on the Yak for three days this weekend with my 16 y.o. son. We had a great time and caught many fish...even had a couple of monsters break me off...the adrenaline is still pumping.

    Oh yeah...I drive a newer model silver Tahoe too. I'll be looking for you!

  4. Nice report. I was up in the lower canyon on both Friday and Sunday. Friday the BWO action started up and continued right thru the day until the wind kicked up late. Had a CDC BWO emerger trailing 6" behind a parachute BWO. The trailing fly caught 28 of the 30 fish I landed. Fish ranged from 10" to 16". Broke off a couple that seemed bigger. I too like the targeting aspect of going after a particular fish, getting the perfect drift and seeing the fish nail the fly..

    Sunday was a slower day for me. Had one good hour from 12-1 when I caught and released 10 fish all in the 14-16" range. Using my 2 weight, these fish were a handful. Very few rises in the afternoon and never did figure out what the fish were looking for in the way of bugs!! I did see 4 different flocks of Bighorn sheep. One flock had over 20 sheep. Quite a few deer & hunters, though it's a little freaky to see guys walking down the road carrying high powered rifles. I always hope they're just hunters. I'm not trying to be funny with all the sniper things going on, it's just is a little scary!

    I drive a white explorer with a black grill guard. Try to get to the Yak once or twice a week, mostly weekdays. Say hello or honk if you see me.

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