Yakima River? Where do I go?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by OlyTroutGuy, Jul 1, 2002.

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    Wife is heading out of town!!! so I am thinking of heading over to Yakima River for some flyfishing. Can anyone point me to any good wading spots? Or possibly some little float I can take my SouthFork on? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks:DUNNO :THUMBSUP
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    There are some good access spots on the upper river along hwy 10. Those are usually a better choice during high water. If the water is low enough there are some places in the canyon between umptanum and mm19 that I've had good success wading.
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    well i was there last week i have never been there be for i hit reds fly shop and the owner was out of town his help showed me and my crew what to use and told use were to go we hit fish fome 8in to 31/2lbs i still have perma grin lol reds is on the canyon road about 15 miels out of ellensberg thay also rent drift boats wich i thought was cool we stayed in there camp ground there was 10in the crew and we had plenty of room in there big camp sites so if you plan a trip cheek them out the famely also had dear in our camp
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    I might be old---but I'm good.

    There are good spots for wading around Easton. Just look to your maps if you have one. I found a few by just driving around that area. Jim S. P/S Go to worleybuggerflyco.com They have a map of the Yakima River showing all of the access points. Jim :THUMBSUP