Yakima - Several Days With Friends

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  1. Spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday on the Yakima river with a variety of friends and interesting WFF characters. Hopefully each will share their perspective and results.

    I was delighted to float with those that chose the same stretches that were on my daily trip plan. I was even happier to share time in camp with even more characters. Further, it was great to see Alex MacDonald and his lovely bride. He's still doing recovery from his bicep injury, so no fishing but they made the trip just to visit with us for a few hours in camp.

    We enjoyed water temps in the high 30's to low 40's. We had drizzle, sunshine, wind, rain, more wind, really big gusts of wind, more rain, dropping air temps that brought snow to the foothills just above camp and some really crazy early morning winds blowing down the canyon that buffeted our tents, tent trailers and RVs pretty good. Winds were so hard that it caused most of us to pull fishing plans.

    I caught my first Washington Whitefish. Believe it to measure out well to 21" maybe 22". They say whitefish provide good feedback that you've got your depth and presentation right. Wish the trout would have agreed and come out to play more.
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    We have a habit of liking to be comfortable and eating well in camp. Sometimes a bit of a bar breaks out too.

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    The new Scadden Assault Boats track extremely well, one never or rarely needs to touch the oars, leaving hands more free to do what they are designed for...fishing. The rocker design and inflatable seats made it super maneuverable and comfortable for all day sitting.
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    After a brief breakfast in the Bandy wagon we all broke our respective camps and the group camp. Loaded up our gear and made plans for lunch since we opted not to fish on Sunday. I'm a fan of breakfast of sausage biscuits and gravy any day, any time and some hash browns on top are always a nice touch.
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    Who's next with an update friends? When and where next do we share some water, camp and company?
  2. Glad to see everything went well! Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves.
    Thanks for providing the pics!
  3. Nice report Ed and congrats on the bruiser WF, a bend in the rod is a bend in the rod. Sounds like it was a fun trip aside from the trout not showing.
  4. It was great to be out on the water and camping with friends, but the skunk was on for me! Here's a few more pics...

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    Sittin' 'round a nice fire.
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    Dave's incredible tarp shelter
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    Jim & Rob ready to launch
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    Rob & Mumbles in the Assaults
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    Jim & Dave
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    One of Dave's many fish
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    I fished glass all weekend. Had to wear my Fiberglass Manifesto beanie!
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    Iced up boats
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    Frozen droplets on my tent
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    Yes, Virginia, we did have home brew, thanks to Matt
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    Jarad makes an appearance
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    Jesse & a shy O'Rad
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    Jeff Bandy
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    Jarad and his pal, Drake
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    Mumbles scoping out the river
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    Bad photo of caddis larva
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    Derek Young
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  5. Matt Smith and I left steelheading to attend (hard choice). Made it in Friday afternoon. Had a GREAT dinner. Those steaks were really good. Did Ringer to Umtanum on Saturday. Managed one nice rainbow to hand. Got it on a chironomid in a back eddy. Was really surprised to see Alex in camp when we got back. Good to see you out and about buddy. Sunday morning, Not going to happen. Was real nice seeing the guys and making some new friends.
  6. Great reports...of a great weekend! Thanks for the pics. I'm definately looking forward to the next trip!
  7. It was good to meet you all.

    PS, I freaking LOVE WATERMASTERS!!!!!!
  8. Luke, great to finally meet you. Glad you like the solo boats. Just another awesome tool. Were you using fins and fishing about 98% or more of the time?

    Dave, not enough words can describe how awesome your tarp structure is. Friday night in the rain we would all have been miserable had you not designed it so well and placed it just right. The fact that it held up easily to the huge down river winds on Sunday morning is a further testimony of your design. I hope we find a reason to get that baby used a lot!
  9. Yea, I pretty much only used the oars to get from one side of the river to the other and to get moving past some less desirable water. Other than that, I see no need for oars.
  10. Ed--
    This was just the "test flight" of "the shelter"...It can only get better! All ideas and suggestions are solicited and welcome!

    I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  11. Great course of events, the hospitality and fellowship displayed was truly awesome.
  12. Thanks for coming by Derek! It was a pleasure to meet you and I think I speak for all of us when I say that you are welcome in our camp any time.
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    Some stories should be left untold!!!!!
  16. Damn you guys 'I'm sure glad the talk is all good dispite the weather and I really don't want to miss another time. I know that the group is such a great bunch and want to be part of it. I've got to be saving my pennies for bus tickets from now on because I certainly can't see any water from here and not friends gathered around the fire nearby too. I'd ask that you set up camp on the MAX trak. but that wouldn't do anyone any good except that it goes by my door.If it only went some where we could meet but that would draw the crowd. like I said I do enjoy the stories and comments and really want to meet more of you. Great time s for all of you keep it up. Bob, You too Gary I''m sure that you'd be a good addition.

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