Yakima Spey Clinic??

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by fodf, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. valkom

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    I'm in, been looking forward to it
  2. John O'Leary

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  3. mike kinney

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    Thanks' Guys
  4. fodf

    fodf Team Umiak

    K, three days away till launch off. Mike, I'm bringing my son (34) who has never held a 2 hander so you have at least 2 total newbs. I hope that the roll call is healthy for ya on Sunday. BTW, for those not familiar with the launch, it's on the south end of the Eaton Ranch in mid canyon. The only ranch in the canyon..big irrigated field on the west side of the highway. Ben and I will probably be there by 0930 or so to help set up. I'll donate a case of PBR (fly fishers nectar) and water so we don't dehydrate. You might think about some food if we go beyond lunch time..which I suspect we will based on my first experience on the Sky. Chime in boys and girls, let this jedi know we are worthy on the dryside.
  5. fodf

    fodf Team Umiak

    Sorry Mike guys that I missed it. Still in hospital with broken hip and collar bone. Hope all had a good time.
  6. Ed Call

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    Broken hip and collar bone? Holy crap, how did that happen? Best wishes for a speedy recovery.