Yakima Summer Stone and/or Terrestial Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by ozcast, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. The flies that you throw under tree limbs on a 90 deg day that make a big "splat", that could float a downrigger ball. Doesn't have to be a Stone or hopper, but the inbetween flies that could represent anything that would fall out of the brush. Examples: Madam X, chernobyl, turners bank robber, etc....Basically rubber legs, foam, deer and elk hair stuff. Also, I have read the complaints about people not getting thier flies back, so here is my solution: If you send me $5, I will UPS your flies to you and PM you the tracking number, so there will be no "lost in the mail" issues. Im thinking 12 persons max, since these are not quick to tie. April 25th deadline. If I get all the flies by the 25th, I will ship on the 27th, and PM you your tracking numbers that evening.
    Anyone interested?


    1. Jason (ozcast) - Bullet head summer stone (tan)
    2. Kim Ferris - Recvd
    3. CLO - foam hopper - Recvd
    4. Sean K - Stimulator - Recvd
    5. Mumbles - Brown foam hopper - Recvd.
    6. P.E.I Fish Finder - Black Beetle - Recvd.
    7. PEI. Salar.Salmo - Yellow Sally - out
    8. Colton Rogers - Recvd.
    9. Arthur - Chernobyl - Recvd.
  2. put me in. i've been on a mission to get my flies for the year tied and the next ones are stones and terrestials. kim
  3. Can I join this swap? I like tying terrestrials.
  4. Thanks Kim and CLO. BTW....if you dont want to get your flies via UPS you can send a SASE.
  5. We need to fill some spots...
  6. No kidden, these are the kind of flies you play with for 20 min. at the fly shop going "why didn't I think of that?" ...Or... you will be on the river in summer flows watchin everyone cast big uglies to the banks takin' fish thinking "wish I had some sweet flies too...guess I shoulda joined that swap back in March....DAMN!" Everyone who is a fan of dry flies should be in on this.
  7. i read this post earlier today, real early and i have been searching for patterns and at the vise all day trying to think of a pattern. i am relativity new to tying and i don't think im that good so im worries about entering a swap. but this one sounds great and everyone should jump on the chance, but maybe they don't feel confident enough around spinning deer hair to be trading flies???
  8. count me in! no clue what pattern, If its ok with you-all, a stimmi kinda falls in line with a stone fly or a terrestial. If thats ok I'll tie that if not I'll figure out something else to tie.
  9. I'm in. Not sure if I'll be using some multi layer colored flip flop foam for some version of a chernobyl or hopper but I'll whip something up. I've never fished these foam flies but I've been tying some up over the past few weeks trying to fill a box. I've been tying some in twos and threes so sitting down to tie up a batch should be a good thing for me.
  10. A stimi with rubber legs would be sick,
  11. I didnt mean to come off like everyone has to be an expert...If I did, and it turned anyone off from doing this Im sorry. Just tie what you like and what works for you.
  12. ozcast you dont come off like its a swap for experts only i just lack confidence in my flies, i have the confidence in them but not to show other people:D
    i think this is a cool subject of a swap and i look forward to maybe seeing the flies in the gallery;)
  13. Next time then Colton. We should post a swap for the fly that closest matches your avatar pic.
  14. yeah, maybe next time. the avatar pic is my first ling cod. it wasn't caught on a fly. as i haven't been fly fishing that long. i will create a perfect pattern and when the right swap comes along i'll already have them tied up---antiprocrastinator
  15. damn wish i could
  16. After tying a few bullet heads, full foamies and a monster chernobyl I opted to mass produce a multi layer foam grasshopper...went brown since CLO is going green. Included a few of my prototypes in the box for the swapmeister including one you could lift your anchor with. I sure found the foam and rubber legs to be a challenge but easier than many other materials I've been tying with. Thanks for hosting. I sent enough for the swap to fill. If it does not fully fill, keep some extras or send them back. I had to get these off my bench before the Hoh weekend. I might be on anti-fish related lockdown upon my return... SASE enclosed for the return trip. Anyone else DONE yet?
  17. Thanks Mumbles...hope she fills up. Ive tied 6 so far. can't wait to see the bugs. I will send your extras back to you, if it doesn't fill up, but will enjoy the prototypes. Ill send you some of my own.
  18. Cool Oz, my box has lots of prototypes and I fish them plenty. I can't believe that more tyers have not jumped onto this swap...high floating big fish catching flies will make your heart race, right?

  19. You're already done??? Awesome. I better get started..

    Lets see a picture!
  20. I had been tinkering with some over the past couple of weeks between tying other flies. Add that to not sleeping much and not being able to fish (until late yesterday evening) and I had some tied up. Using the rotary vise really helped in the weaving or lashing of the fly layers to the hook. So, yep, I'm done, so get to tying! I'll try to post a photo of one when I get home tonight if I can...lots of truck cleaning and gear packing to do before heading to the Hoh.

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