Yakima Summer Stone and/or Terrestial Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by ozcast, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Damn, you got your flies done a month ahead of time. I still need material..

    we still need some spots filled up
  2. yeah, come on people!!!
  3. Did you see the thread on courtesy for a fly swap? I can't be tagged as a slacker!

    People, join in. I for one will tell you that my flies are rocking. Maybe the best set of flies I have tied. I might have to mess with foam and rubber more. These things WILL entice lunker trout that lurk waiting to pounce on meaty bugs. If you are disappointed with my fly I'll buy you a beer (while bashing you publicly for not being able to catch fish on such a good looking hopper).
  4. i would love to see a picture of your flies :D
  5. just wondering where i would have to ship the flies?

  6. I will PM you my address if/when you join the swap.
  7. ok well this will be my first swap. it wont be to expensive to ship them to u will it? i live in canada as well so...
    i've heard of people getting denied the swap because of they in canada. No hard feelings if u want to keep it in the us.
  8. No idea on the cost. I dont mind shipping back to you, but you should go to your local post office to get a rate. Got Mumbles flies today, and...well.....they are absolutly perfect! Just to let everyone know, just for his fly alone, this swap is worth joining! Super buggy!! I see many 18" rainbows in my future. Honestly people...I think mine are pretty sweet (been tying pro. for 14 years), and Mumbles are WAY cool....Help us fill up, you will be happy with what you get back.
  9. Count me in! Me and TF might work something out to get them to you (We live right by each other). I'll most likely tie a Yellow Sally Stone Fly But I'll let you know later. I have to get some stuff but should have them out to you but lets say the 10th of April.

  10. Oh yeah I guess I shuld tell u I'll most likely be tieing a black beattle
  11. Oz, they are not that good, for heavens sake, I tied them. I found them to be a fun alternative to what I had been tying and everything seemed to go well. Look again and you will find differences in leg lengths wrap angles and even foam colors...but the fish won't care! I told you I had a good couple of days on the vice. I almost sent in an extra batch of green ones...but kept them for myself! I've never caught a brown. Will these work?
  12. These will indeed work for browns, if you find one willing to come up. ... and if one is willing to look up, your hopper will be the ticket. I really want to try them with a "twitch". Can wait until hopper season! Tyers are thier own worst critics. Just trust me Mumbles...they rock!
  13. PEI's , your in. Thank you for joining. I will PM you the ship to. Cant wait to see what you come up with. Sally's and Beetles are a couple summer staples for me.....Im really getting jazzed up now. All we need is decent weather...almost 20deg below normal. --lame--
  14. So whats the deal with not many people getting in on this swap? Com'on people as stated before "big flys big fish on top" theres nothing more exciting. Anyways, Ozcast if i'm not mistaken Mumbles tied up twelve flys even though there arn't that many people sighned up yet so i'll do the same. If twelve people join then fine, if not you can just keep whats remaining or whatever you would like. I should have the flys out some time next week I ran out of hooks thats the hold up sry.
  15. Still lots of time. Were over half now...that makes me feel better. Ive been working hard on my sales pitch....can you tell? lol
  16. I may never produce a set of flies as well crafted as these hoppers. Get in on this one now and stop being a freaking puss. Tie up some meaty morsels and get in on this. So many tyers have already sent theirs in or are well underway...no worries about slackers here. Come on, foam comes in such bright colors, rubber legs are super twitchy and them big-uns seem to like them...not that I know, but I've been working hard to get ready for some Browns.
  17. I can tell but hey big bugs are awsome. I've caught tons of big trout on big flys. (tons on little flys also but big floating flys are way cooler) And as for mumbels question about the browns YES these flys will catch browns for sure. I would say 70% of the trout I have caught have been browns.
  18. Big Bugs are awsome! This swap has me daydreaming about undercut banks, and over hung trees. I wish Brown trout were not such a long drive for me. The Yak is only 2 hrs away with pleanty of decent fish though....and tons of big dry fly water. This summer I will go further east to get into some greman territory. Not sure where yet.
  19. Okay, I'll tell you that the all foam and rubber legs are much easier than the "traditionals" that I tied (see thread about fly boxes). The foam took a stretch and shape well. You be the judge and then get your ass in this swap. Show me what else I need in my box for some monster trout.

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