Yakima Summer Stone and/or Terrestial Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by ozcast, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Still looking for more SWAPERS!
  2. Got yours today CLO. Very nice! Gifted Tier!
  3. Thanks. I hope they catch everyone some fish.
  4. Got yours today Colton. Great job!!! Super Buggy. I like the legs alot, no way anyone could tell that they were giving you grief, to be honest, I will be copying your design for my own box, so please allow me to Thank you for the new idea. Thanks for the extras as well, I will send you a couple of my prototypes.
    I want to thank everyone for the time you are all putting into this swap. Everyone has has really put in a top notch effort. It is easy to see by what I am getting that you all are putting you brains to work and thinking like a trout, and not to mention, putting in some time at the vice. NO SLACKERS HERE!!! All of you have raised the bar on what a fly swap can and should be. All of you who are new at tying should feel very proud on what you have submitted! Those who have been at it a while will be inspired by some fresh new ideas and great new patterns. Again, Thank you everyone. Even if it dosn't fill up I wont be bummed out.....but since everyone has sent me 12 flies.......HELP US FILL UP!!!!!! ONLY 3 MORE SPOTS TO GO!!!!!! C'MON TIERS!!!!!!
  5. i havnt been able to send them out the past couple of days cause they are not in bike riding distances and my mom has been busy working, and shes sick so that doesnt help much.
    but they will be sent out by the end of the week for sure!!!

  6. art, remember the dead line is april 27th:D
  7. colton - was just looking at the caddis swap thread - terrestials now on the clock. did not realize that i was the last one. will try to get these done in the next day, but if i don't it'll be next saturday before they get mailed (business trip).

  8. so i went upstairs to the vise - found the elk hair, floss, hackle, legs, flash, calf, pattern... is there something missing here? yes!!! i used the last of my larger hooks on the skwala swap:beathead: so... tomorrow i'll be trudging off to the local sportmans to get a couple packages of hooks. grrrr.

  9. uggh I have to admit I am so lazy on this swap I have alot of work to do as well, but I will have them out no later than next week some time.
  10. okay - so the hook shortage has been alleviated. will be back at tying later in the week when i return from that trip. looking at sending them at the end of the week. at this point, how many are we tying?

  11. Arthur, got yours yesterday. Very nice. PM me the address you want your flies shipped to.
    Kim, I got 12 from everyone else. Hopefully we can get the last 3 people soon.
  12. Hey Kim, what are you tying up?

    I would really like to get 3 more people to join up!!!bawling:
  13. i'll go back to its earlier description... it's sort of like a madam x, but not one that i ever bought. for those who were in the skwala swap - the body is the same - dark with a clipped palmer, green deer tail. when i start tying them when i get back, i'm going to see whether the elk hair that i've got looks right with a straight bullethead, or i might add a second wing. sorry i can't ship until the end of the week at the earliest - work sent me to DC. oh yeah, tying 12.


  14. thanks
    i never even new i sent them out!
    my mom must of done it
    ill pm you

  15. shameless pitiful bump bawling:
  16. Yeah, people need to join this swap. We have some sweet flies.
  17. still on the road...with the bad 'no fishing' attitude. returning home tomorrow (so far) and will re-start the clock on the flies.

  18. cool, find some DC people to join our swap
  19. i'm in downtown DC near the capitol -- ok place, but not so good for getting people to join the forum. now the other trip i take out here is in maryland where there is some good water, and i've seen and talked with a few people and have another one of my seven 'local' fly shops (hunting creek, frederick). i'll be taking my 4-piece/4wt when i travel during the summer.

    yes, i consumed an attitude adjuster. k
  20. Have another attitude mellower, it is all good.

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