Yakima Summer Stone and/or Terrestial Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by ozcast, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. With the first pick in the 2009 Fly Swap for Yakims Summer Stone and/or Terrestial Swaps Bubba Gump selects the high floating fly from Tom the Tyer...sounds like NFL Draft time for me.
  2. I'm not sure how we will do the draft order, possibly the order in which the swapmaster received the flies?
  3. Hell yes...Mumbles selects his bonus fly with the first pick in the Draft...I think I was first! Maybe my bonus will be Sean K's rubber legged triple wing. That freaking thing might not catch fish, but it has caught me already in prototype version!
  4. crap i was almost dead last
    but that is a fair way of doing it and it will be fun
  5. don't matter... i just about to mail mine - got 1/2 done. i could just upset all the lottery odds and hold a couple out. or not.

  6. idk but there is a whole whopping 9 of us {lucky tiers}{that are going to get some bad ass flies} signed up so it wouldn't through the odds off to much
  7. i think its a great idea and i think ozcast should have the first pick

  8. Sounds good to me lets do it!
  9. iagree oz gets first pick
  10. oz first absolutely. just sent the recipe to oz, am done with nine. don't know why but these seem to take forever. for my part, just take the remainder and distribute evenly and randomly. one man's lottery loser is another persons winner, it's just too hard to figure and there's no point to it.

  11. Mine are done and I will mail them today.
  12. alright then. lottery it is...when I get them all in, I will post picks and list off the order i got them in.
  13. oz-just got mine done and am toe-tagging, and will be speeding their way to you tomorrow. k
  14. took a picture of one of the flies - it sure looks a lot more green than in real life but you can get the idea. the white thing on top is just there for visibility, but you can pull it off if you can see the fly on the water.

  15. Tasty looking fly Kim. I like the white for my eyes, the fish will only see it after he is thrashing about and stretching my line.
  16. Got yours today Sean. Very nice.
  17. mine are on the way too. sent them yesterday via usps - should arrive monday, maybe tomorrow. 2-3 day delivery - but saturday? eh.

  18. Guys I'm sorry to say that I have to step out of the Swap. I'm just too busy and don't have the time to get them to you. No hard feelings?

  19. Got yours Kim, very nice. Hit the Yak on Sataurday....lots of snow melt. We started at 8am with 3 feet of viz, by 2pm only a foot. Hooked fish early, but slow all day. Hope the run off dosent ruin the mothers day caddis fishing.
  20. Kim looks awsome cant wait to get it. looking at all ur guy's flies makes mine look like garbage. lol

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