YakimA tomorrow

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Evan Virnoche, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Leavin early to go swing the yak, anyone wanna go? Should be off the river by 3 and back in mill creek by 6 is the plan
  2. Would love to go, but I have other obligations that will not allow it.

    Good luck to you and we Will require a fishing report on your return.
  3. grrrr got class tomorrow.
  4. How'd you do? The swing this year hasn't been as hot as last year for me...but still finding them.
  5. Just the wrong weekend. Busy all weekend. Would love to go, but can't.
  6. What, you have to drive to Duvall??
  7. Nope, had to go to Bothell. Dang doctors and medico. Guess I should be happy that they are taking good care of me. Ah to be young and healthy again. But then, I was busting my butt to make a buck to keep it all together. Nothing is perfect.
  8. We should have this retirement thing all backwards. You should have your youth to be retired and then go to work at the age of 45 and work until you croak. It would be much easier on your body.
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  9. I got more rest at work than I do in retirement.

    Bass_Turds should be coming off the river about now. Wonder if we will get a fishing report?
  10. Swung up this 20 incher first fish of the day. Went 5 for 8 lost two absolute pigs I forgot I cant horse a fish on 4x like you can with 12 lb test with a steelhead.

    Also I got a new skagit short 270 gr and that mother flew on my 4wt switch. Great day of fishing
  11. Great report. Great pics. Happy that you had such a great day fishing.
    Thanks for sharing.
  12. Money dude. What part of the river did you fish, what'd you swing?
  13. Not sure which part but I do know bass turds swings both ways
  14. Heavy beads on t14
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  15. wow! she's a beauty!
  16. Ropin Em!
  17. With 4X you should of been able to horse in those little fish. Lol

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