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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by superfly, Feb 21, 2001.

  1. Greetings
    I've been in the Seattle area a couple of years, and have met many great people. Unfortunately, none of them flyfish. (OK, so their semi-great people). I am looking for an individual or SMALL group to travel with to the Yakima this spring and summer. I've done the drive myself a number of times and I'm about burned out on it. I'm open to other locations also, but prefer the Yakima. Being of the 9 to 5 species, I can only go on weekends(Including Friday afternoons and evenings), holidays, etc.
  2. How-dy,

    Put me on the list for Saturday's. My time is not 9 to 5 or specific to weekdays as any other folks in corp IT could understand, but would be interested in a few trips.

    Are you setup with a boat? I'd prefer after the flip flop to float the river. If you don't have a boat I've got a spare 1 person pontoon I could hook you up with.

  3. Chris
    Thanks for the reply! Saturdays are great for me. I'm fairly flexible as far as dates are concerned. Let's keep in touch and if there are any particular weekend days you want to head out let me know, and I will do the same. I do not have a boat, and would really appreciate the loaner. Thanks
  4. Well Hello:

    I have recently moved to the Seattle area and just happend to be a fly fisherman aswell. I am looking for people and place for fly fishing. Like you I an usualy only available during the weekends and holidays. Send me an email and we can try to set up a trip. By the way I usually fish out of a float tube but I do use my canoe at times


  5. I love to fish the Yakima. I'm retired so I can go anytime. I'd go right now but I don't trust the weather. I live in Marysville. Like you said it gets old driving by yourself. It's always nice to have some one to talk to.
  6. Greetings
    Thanks for the response. I am going out to the Yakima this weekend if your interested!

  7. superfly--moved (w/ wife) to seattle this fall. fished the yakima once. the snoqualmie once. the sky a few times. just attended a seminar on "lake fishing w/in 1 hour of seattle" at orvis/seattle. interesting, to say the least. if you want to hook up this fall or summer, to wet a line, let's.

  8. I am also interested in going over to the Yakima. I am also a weekday warrior. Weekends are the best for me. Have been over there once and didnt have much luck, although I out fished my more expierenced partner. Pissed him off to say the least. So if you all have room for somewhat of a beginner I am in. Thanks Darren
  9. Why is it everybody asks for a fishing partner,but when we/us/whoever answers the call it only goes as far as the computer. I'd love to go with someone else because I have troubles driving. But just can't seem to hook up.
  10. Jim, I will hook up with you after I get back from seeing my dad. Leaving Friday and probably be back on the 4th or the 5th. you can email me at home. Plus I have not heard back from you about your trip this last weekend.

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