Yakima trip March 06

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by jami_wa, Mar 21, 2006.

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    I already told most of the trip stuff in the other forum but, we went on the 16th, it started snowing then turned to rain, we went on a float trip, I am really bad with names but I think the put in was Umpaduam??? Then took out past Reds. Was a great trip anyway heres a pic (since I haven't yet figured out how to put more on here). The Evening Fly Hatch website has our trip pics posted.

    There were blue winged olives hatching till about 1ish, we nymphed and used dries, We used stonefly nymphs, blue winged oilve patterns and a squallis stonefly. Alot of white fish played with my nymph but were to fast for me.
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    Nice fish!
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    Umptanum is the word you were looking for, nice fish by the way.
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    Damn and I am from Yakima!
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    i see it spelled both ways!