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  1. I will be going to the Yakima this weekend July 20-21. I would appreciate any latest info on the stretch from BigHorn to Umptanum, Umptanum to Reds. I understand the river is running at about 3000, how long would it take in hours to float those sections each or all combined. Any suggested fly patterns would be great!! I will be floating in pontoon boats which is a new experience for me. Do you use fins to help you position yourself in the river, and would a anchor be recommended or is the river just running to fast for a little craft?
    Thanks for the info!!!

  2. I'll have to make my input short, I'm on vaca in Cali right now and a bit out of it as far as the hatch's go but in that area I'd suggest checking the Yakima Report off the main page for The Evening Hatch reports.

    For hitting it with a pontoon (as I do) I would highly suggest using fins. Especially on an easy float like most of the Yak is it'll improve your fly time substantially as your using your rod, not your oars. If you don't have any yet I would have you get a set of fins that are easy to put on and take off. I like hitting areas by foot often and that means being in and out of those fins throughout the day, by the end of the day a set that allows it easily pays off.

    An anchor is optional. I've found that in some cases they are great in stretches where popping off the boat in wadeable depths makes 'parking' quick. As far as anchoring in moving water like a McKensy (S?) style boat it's not going to hold you well unless your carrying an anchor with weight not designed for the boat. The other obstacle is they don't track well when anchored so it's most of the time not an option. I'll usually leave the anchor behind to save on weight but that's just me, you may find it necessary more of the time.

    Hopefully some others can provide a hatch report.

    Have fun.

  3. Chris,

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated! I have an 8lb mushroom anchor off the back of my pontoon boat, we will see if it holds.I guess the fins are a major item to have when floating, trying to juggle the oars and the rod would be a major hassle

    Thanks Again,

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