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  1. Harry Richardson New Member

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    I'm wanting to do some good ole trout fishing this weekend on a river and want to check out the Yakima but was told it was muddy in some areas. Any good places with walk in access that are fishable right now?
  2. teedub Active Member

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    The Yak is clear as a bell above the Teanaway! You can wade it for a couple of miles from the park in South Cle Elum or go in at Hansen Ponds and wade it down past the exit (85) off I-90'. The water has been warming and it was close to 50 today. Good luck!
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    I fished it today and you may want to wait.Water was high and the fish were not inclined to cooperate.Talked to a F&G guy today and he said the bite had dropped off over the last couple of day as the water rose.He was right.Maybe hold off until the water drops a bit.It was clear,but a lot of the good spots were cut off by high water.
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    Looking at the gauges, the river is just fine and has been dropping since the 4th from 2000 CFS to 1680 CFS at Umtanum.

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  5. Patrick Gould Active Member

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    Looks clear to me. Flows are ok for wading.
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  6. skyrise Active Member

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    Teedub, would that be Firemans park ?
  7. teedub Active Member

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    Yep! If you wade on that side (south) you can walk down the flood control levee for seven or eight hundred yards. You wil come to a place where a fence block your progress and I can't remember if it is wade friendly there.

    If you start walking on the freeway side, I am fairly sure you can walk quite a bit farther. If you go to the ponds, you can walk for a couple of miles on the north side.
  8. NW_flyfisher if it's not this, then what?

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    floated the canyon today putting in at Luma and out at Rosa, beautiful day, good water clarity and the river was very wadeable in most areas. No wind either. Only disappointment was no top water action. I was hoping the Sqwalla Stones would be out. Only saw one adult. Good sized Rainbows on Sqwalla Nymphs or light pink San Juan worms.