Yakmia Still on Fire?

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  1. Hi all, A friend and I are headed over to Ellensburg tomorrow real early for a long day trip. Planned on fishing the Yakima near there a lil in the morning and from late midday to evening.

    Is it still fishing well enough to make the trip? Are the waters wadeable, as we will both be wading?

    I have never fished there, passing it many a times on my way to eastern wahington lakes, but was considering the stretch along canyon road. any suggestions as far as hot spots? And of course, any hatches as of late, hot patterns that are just nailing htem? Thanks ahead for all the info. Hopefully I'll see some of ya'all out there :THUMBSUP

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  2. The baetis hatch comes off most days from 11 to 4. You want an 18-22 blue winged olive dry. Smaller is better because the blue winged olive fly sizes get smaller the later in the year it gets. Before and after the hatch I'd fish a small beadhead hare's ear. There are two great sites with up to the minute fishing reports for the lower Yakima: www.worleybuggerflyco.com and www.theeveninghatch.com. Each company specializes in guiding the stretch you want to fish.
  3. thanks silverbrown!

    is the canyon road stretch considered the upper or lower sections of the yakima?

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  4. The Yakima near the canyon area should be doing quite well right now. I would use a small nymph, like 16 or 18 pheasant tail or prince nymph. If you want to fish a dry fly you should stick to the middle of the day in the sun you should try throwing a size 16 and 18 parachute adams, and a caddis is usually always a good bet on the Yakima if nothing else works. The water is very wadable and low right now but it gets cold in the evening and morning so dress warm. Hope this helps,

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  5. Yakima Still on Fire?

    It will be slow fishing for you in the morning. Not to mention that you will have to take time to clean your guides every 5 minutes.

    Once you hit noon it will be nice for dries.
  6. The water levels are very wadeable. The colder nights have helped lower the water temp but the bright sun has somewhat slowed the fish from rising consistently. Suppose to be partly cloudy tomorrow so that may help. The BWO hatch will perk up with the cooler days, also. Another fly that will work is a size 16-18 parachute adams with a trailing CDC emerger (gray has been the color of choice on the emerger) size 16-18, 6" - 9" behind the dry. The emerger will catch most of the fish.

    The bigger fish are podding up behind structures (rocks) in the deep sections of the river and not so much along the banks. Work the foam lines and seams between the faster and slower currents. Drag free drifts are a must!!

    Good luck!


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  7. You can call it what you want. But right now, it is indeed on fire, or....perfect. I have been over there for at least three days a week, the last three weeks in a row, and this has all the makings for the best days yet. It is lower now, colder temps, and hopefuly a little cloudy. I will be on that river at nine tomorrow morning, and not get out until four on sunday. if i remember right, the clocks move back Sunday, so you can get on the water an hour earlier.. the fish don't care what time it is... small is the key, smaller the better. small rises do not mean small fish.... get in the canyon and find places where the sun gets on the water before it gets to others in the morning... then around noon set up below a riffle, or pocket water, and watch for rises, as before, small rises does not mean small fish. if you dont see the mays in the sky, you may be not be in the most optimal spot. if your in the right places, you can stay put all day and chase them around and have a great day.... do your hunting around in the morning, but just make sure your in the water at noon, and dont get out until its dark.... Greg
  8. The WorleyBugger web site calls the stretch below Ellensburg the Lower Canyon. The Upper Canyon is the stretch from the Teanaway River to Thorp.

    Looks like you got some great advice from your post. Good luck.
  9. Another good source of info on the Yakima is Red's Fly Shop. The new owner of Red's gives a very nice fishing update every other day or so. He also runs a very nice campground on the river 13 miles down the canyon. His site is the address below. Click on the Power Hour Fishing report.

    Have fun, I wish I was going back over.


  10. Mark, thanks for the tip on the Reds Fly Shop web site. Something new for my bookmarks.

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