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  1. I have not had the chance to get out much this year, due to work ( 4 letter word) and buying some property for the future shop. But I did get a chance to go to Yakutat with some fellow workers in the third week of September. Weather was spectacular and quite frankly not natural. It had not rained for many weeks and all the silvers were either milling around in the bay, or stacekd up in the lower river.

    After getting off the jet at noon, Kim and I were in the skiff motor mooching that afternoon. Landed a silver, hooked and released a nate king and release 2 ling cod, all in about 3 hours.

    Went on a charter the next day and all 5 of us limited out in Halibut, Ling and Rock Cod and were back to the harbor by 2pm.

    The next day, shut down. The same charter went out with a different group, was not back til 5 and couldn't fill any limits. We motor mooched all day, trolling through schools of silvers, only to not get a single bump.
  2. Hey Ross, it looks like you have fish in the freezer for a while. Gonna open a shop, huh? Good for you. The world could use a few more of your fine boats. BTW, nice orange bibs...just kidding.

    Take care, Roper
  3. I've wanted to head that way for years for a combo fish + surf trip. Beautiful boats there on your site as well!

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