yampa river, copper ponds and grape creek colorado

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  1. last friday i headed over to colorado to visit my kids for a week and managed to get in some fishing. on the way over i stopped and fished the yampa river near and in steamboat springs. first i fished just north of steamboat and for an hour's worth of work i caught 2 small mouth and 1 pike on a purple egg sucking leech. i then drove into town and switched to dries and got into several trout. it's a real nice river in town, lots of riffles and pockets.

    the next morning i continued my drive and stopped off at copper ponds, right below copper mountain and fished one of the ponds for about 2 hrs. not much success, but the brookies were beautifully colored. i tried to get a pic of the one that i caught but with the fish at my feet and me fumbling for my camera the fish starting flopping around and spit the hook and darted off.

    yesterday my son and i headed over to a small piece of creek on the advice of one of the fly shop owners and had a great afternoon throwing hoppers to browns.
  2. I lived in Colorado for several years and drove through Steamboat during the summer several times. I liked the looks of the Yampa through town (and above and below town, too), but I was always just passing through and never had the opportunity to fish it. Looks like I missed a good opportunity!
  3. Sweeeeet photos, thanks for sharing.
  4. nice smallie
  5. Mike,

    Looks like there is still a lot of water in Grape Creek. Dang, your boy is getting big.
  6. i loved grape, killer stream. yeah jake is quite a bit bigger since you saw him

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