Yard sale Franken rod....

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by JP2, Jan 22, 2011.

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    ...this could be interesting....Found an eight foot one piece(!!) Lamiglas fly rod blank disgused as a spinning rod.Has about afoot long handle then the reel seat,then about a 5 inch nub of cork. The blank runs under all the cork till the endcap. Have done a search on this forum and found out how to strip the guides off and to heat/boil the reel seat loose. What I would like to know,though, is how or what to clean the blank with. Actone is a no-no,would denatured alcohol be OK? The reel seat is in good shape and is a down locker, I may re-use it....Anyone know of any rod building classes coming up in the next few months? Thanks, JP2
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    Denatured alcohol is OK to use. I'm in Texas, so I can't tell you about classes in your area.