Yarnie Variations

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  1. I made a few variations to my Yarnie patterns to make them more diverse and able to fit into many fly fishing situations. With these patterns, I would be able to use them when Spey casting, swinging with my single hand or switch, dry fly or tight line nymphing. Cone Head.jpg Spent Wing.jpg MOE Yarnies.jpg Yarnie Bugger.jpg Egg Sucking.jpg
  2. dude
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  3. How about a sz 20?
  4. Pure awesomeness!!!! That should get the swingers panties in a bunch!
  5. Hey, I like to swing too! So I fixed it for ya. :p
  6. BTW, what is that hook?
  7. The spent wing yarnie is a classic.
  8. Around these parts, when it comes to fooling steelhead, it's hard to beat a combination of hot pink and chartreuse.

    I've caught more steelhead on patterns tied in pink and chartreuse than any others.
  9. Here is another one of my favorites. These are all tied on a Gamakatsu C14S #2. It's a great hook for Yarnies, Glo-bugs, stingers or for pegging beads. An all around hook for the all around fly fisherman and tyer.

  10. Yarnie bugger = awesome.
  11. This thread makes me so happy.
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  12. Me too man, me too.
  13. natural blondes get my panties in a bunch, yarnies not so much!!
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  14. The swingers reference could easily be interpreted as a double entendre' also.
  15. One of my all time faves. P1000964.JPG
  16. Now you're just show'n off! :D
  17. Polar Yarnie


    Green Butt Yarnie

  18. Don't forget the yarnie nymph.;)
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  19. I wanna see a Yarnonomid or perhaps a Micro Yarnie ... I'm counting on you, Ira
  20. ... or Yarnie Emerger

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