Yarnie Variations

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by flyfishmt, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. LMAO!!!

    Some of you guys need to get out and fish... No wait! What am I say'n?! Keep it rolling :D

  2. WOW!

    I was thinking it was a Doc Yarnie...
  3. By the way, all of those will catch fish, except the Veggie Yarnie. Steelhead aren't vegetarians, everyone knows that :rolleyes: - :p:D:p
  4. Oh it will certainly put a hurt on the grass carp though.
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  5. I didn't want this thread to die, so meet:

    Lady Yarnoline

  6. Sue, post that on speypages!
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    Here is a "serious" fly tied with orange glow yarn on a heavy hook called the Russian River hook. It is tied specifically for Alaska's Russian River. Gamakatsu and Mustad make the hooks.
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  8. The Chernobyl Yarnie could be swung for steelhead with a bit o' shrimp juice slathered on it. Looks almost shrimplike but needs the scent.
  9. The Red Rascal would get the attention of many SRCs
  10. It's times like these where I wish I was a better tier.
  11. Haha, ME TOO. I can only tie ironically.
  12. It was super slow today at the shoe lace re-tipping factory where I work. Everyone was sneaking over to the computer to do ther Cyber Monday shopping and I was left to defray the incoming laces by myself. To keep myself from being bored, I kept day dreaming about my upcoming trip to the OP, and catching chrome hatchery brats. I just about have all my flies tied up and ready to go, but then I had one of those epiphanies.

    I was thinking about some type of skating flies that I could throw with my new Walmart fly fishing combo, when it hit me like a ton of roe. I think this might be the fly that owns the Hoh next week.

    Let me introduce to you all, the Yarnold Palmer.

  13. Yarnold Palmer ? LMAO

    Here's a marketing slogan for it: "A smooth swing every time."
  14. How about a Seahawk Yarnie????
  15. ShrimpYarniejpg.jpg

    The Shrimpnie
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  16. bump
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  17. FINE. Have a clousyarnie.
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  18. That thing would catch the hell out of rockfish!
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