Yarnies - Love or Hate?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by flyfishmt, Nov 10, 2013.

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    Awesome. Now we are getting into the semantics part of the argument. This should clear it up really quickly. Can we all just agree that Ira gives the best examples and analogies and call it a day.
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    Do you own a bike? If so how many "gear"s do you have on it? Have you added more than one "gear"? If you have, why? Does it make the bike more efficient? I guess though once you add a gear, you are no longer bike riding, call it something else, but you are most certainly not bike riding! See all I needed was a shower and a cup of coffee.
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    I'm talking about Washington.
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    I am now working on my chopped down fly line patented indicator, I will attach it to my leader and it will be made of fly line, therefor I will still be fly fishing!
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    I've been researching fishing the NU recently. I'm hoping to go in the next couple of years. Seems to be a bit of steelhead flyfishing utopia, provided there are enough fish around.

    I've learned of another summer run stream w/ flyfishing only reg's too that I plan on hitting. No fishing from a boat either. My next year of fishing is coming into focus. With any luck I won't see a nympher at all. It should be glorious, complete with rainbows, unicorns, dry line steelhead, canadian whiskey and campfires.

    I'm headed down Greg's today to get components to finish my yeller gear rods, and to make a mini-spey for my 3rd grader. With it I hope to share the joy's of free rising summer runs that have not been pounded by lead day in and day out. So remember, don't nymph......for the childrens sake.

    Do it for the children.

    Go Sox,
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    And, I don't care what anyone else thinks about how I fish. Stopped considering myself as a flyfisherman long ago. Fisherman works just fine.

    Getting uptight about what others think of your angling seems a bit silly
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    And this is part of the point to my post. When I started fishing for steelhead there was no internet. We learned different methods and techniques from each other while talking face to face. That may have been on the river, in the fly shop, around a camp fire or over beers at a tavern near the river. A lot of what has been posted in this thread would not have been said while sitting around the camp fire or if it were it would have been said differently and a lot of it would have been heard differently also. The same opinions would still be there but in the end we all shared the same river and chased the same fish.
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    Oh no he didn't.
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    Okay - I thought getting up early to get to the best water was the very essence of being a steelheader. Who knew that all those times I've gotten up early to be first to a good run that I was actually not being a steelheader. :( Frankly, I call bullshit on your proposition, because I've read many times of old timers who would stake out their favorite rock on streams like the NU hours before sunrise.
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    Cool, let me cast some of the prototypes, and I will give you feedback.
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    No reason for anyone from either side of the debate to get their panties in a bunch, after all if your using fly gear for steelhead, catching is clearly not that important anyways. Swingers are just generally angry and sour anyways, because despite their effort and fashon, they still have a hard time finding a Kiss.;)
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    WOW, I just read all this today. glad I did, I haven't had a good laugh for a while. this has been soo interesting it's just too funny. I am just a guy who likes to fish. I have no clue about any of this. I use a fly pole to fish. I use a spin rod or a bait casting rod to fish. I fish mostly WB on my fly line, that's all. I use just about anything else on my other rods. hmm, just trying to think what kind of a fisherman I am . what am I? oh, maybe a nut. that's it, a fishing nut who like's to fish. see, that's easy. do you guy's really care how one fishes if one enjoy's fishing. me I realy don't care if I catch a fish or not. when I do, yes it's fun and fish are good to eat. I like being out on or near the water and I don't give a rats ass how one fishes. I just hope they are having fun. I'll tell ya, I don't like snaggers or flossers, that ain't fishin. if some like to fish with all that's been said here so what do you care for as long as they are fishin and havin a good time. this all sounds like a bunch of little kid's.
    anyways, I think I might just go some where else.
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    I'm taking my marbles and going home. Nothing childish about that.
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    I haven't shot marbles for ever. want to play a game.
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    So putting on 1 splitshot is not fly fishing,yet snap t casting steel cables coated in fly line is fine? Where are all the true fly fishermen who use single handed rods swinging dry lines?to me a guy using a 13 foot two handed rod is just as much as training wheels as a bobber.
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    Wow, 14 pages os senseless bickering about something we all like to do. The internet really is great isnt it. You all gotta get out and fish more. Who cares how to do it or what you throw, as long as you enjoy it. Some of you have your panties so tight its starting to cut off the circulation to yor brain. This thread should die before it gives someone a heart attack!
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    Hey, thanks to the internet it's easier than ever to make much ado about nothing. The Bard had to work at it.