Yarnies - Love or Hate?

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  1. Absolutely, glad you picked up on that, but why the quote marks?

  2. Here is what happens.....;)

    Johnny flyfisherman is put into a trance seeing and hearing stories along with videos about majestic steelhead being taken on the swing. He can't help himself... thinking about it constantly...at work, at home...on the john. All these pictures of guys catching steelhead and talking about it.... Surely johnny can do it too. Johnny pays out the ass for gear, new rods, lessons, flies, etc etc. In the process of buying all the said gear...Johnny just about loses mrs. johnny with his new financial endeavors... but he's gonna catch one and it will be glorious beyond all his wildest dreams.....

    Johnny tries so hard to get one....He tries and tries one season after another. Johnny at one point decides it is damn near impossible to catch one on the swing. "What a bunch of crap!", he thinks to himself. Then Johnny is tempted to use the floats, and bobbers, and splitshot that helped him so easily catch steelhead before this new addiction came along. He concedes to his temptation, and Resorts to gear fishing...er I mean putting gear on a fly rod and calling it fly fishing..... then it happens... Johnny catches a steelhead on gear attached to his fly rod.

    Johnny takes pictures of his glorious accomplishment, and posts on all the internet forums along with Facebook etc. Johnny receives lavish praise and cheer from family friends and relatives. Johnny is now a fly fishing expert master steelheader guru and gives lots of advice and suggestions to all those other poor souls who haven't paid their dues and still have not caught a fish on a fly rod.

    Johnny goes fishing again and catches another fish on his same gear, and posts another picture on the net. In johnny's carelessness, he accidentally shows the yarnie in the corner of the fish's mouth. Quickly, another fly fishing master expert guru notices the yarnie and calls Johnny out telling him he caught it on gear, and to grow up, to be a real man and not use all that gear on his Fly rod.

    Johnny gets upset, and then begins to tell everyone on the net to F-OFF. He begins to tell everyone it takes mucho more skills and abilities to catch a steelhead on nymphing gear....with all that mending and casting of splitshot and bobbers... so much more than just casting a fly out there at a 45 degree angle and "swinging" into shore...Any buffoon can do that.

    You see, Johnny doesn't want to lose his status as a fly fishing master expert Jedi guru steelheader, and anytime someone brings up nymphing vs swinging, he defends nymphing to the death. Finally, there are a few who consistently and often catch steelhead on the swing...why? Because they paid their dues and stuck with it and never gave up. These special fishermen know the work involved, the psychological pain, the psychological suffering, and struggle they went through to consistently catch fish, on the swing, on their own, and without a guide. Anytime a young wannabe johnny fly-fisherman comes along and tells the world that nymphing and swinging are the same thing or equal, those in the special club get pissed and tell johnny its not the same thing. And the war continues and continues throughout all time and eternity.......
  3. My condolences for your obvious psychological pain and suffering, I can see now how profoundly all of that effort to catch a steelhead with an inferior method impacted you personally and why you might assume all indicator fisherman are Johnnies. I can also see how you might want to take out your frustration on everyone who didn't follow the same path to marginal success that you did. I can see that you need to tell yourself that you are better because you chose to do things the "hard way", it is likely the only way you can live with yourself. Although I have never even come close to being offended by anything you or any other swinging zealot have had to say, I do feel sorry for you now.

    All my fellow indicator fly fisherman, let's give these poor swingers a break and let them live with the consequences of how they chose to chase steelhead. If they want to tell the world that the only true stellhead fly fisherman are those who swing, lets give that to them, even though we know the truth. It looks like they need it more than we do, poor fellows.
  4. No, I thought that that was what you were implying.
  5. Shakespeare
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  6. wow boys, I think this is now way out of hand. when ya start talking racists, gay marriage an abortion this ain't fun anymore. I think our owner needs to put a hold on this thread.
  7. That right there is over the line, I'm out!
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  8. Johnny Johnny Johnny......
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  9. Since you brought up the whole abortion and homosexuality issue, I'll leave that to you (to close to the whole political thing we are not allowed to talk about). I will certainly openly without issue say that some old traditions are highly inferior and I do not think for a second that embracing those traditions with any form of reverence would do me well. Would embracing new technologies do you well?

    It is my sense of history by the way and a clear understanding of positive advancement through the use of technology that allow me to enjoy this conversation (if it is getting to personal though for you, I can certainly back off, again I've believed this has been all in fun) and to connect with my students. The X-Box, TV, smart phones, twitter, indicators and other technological advances in themselves are not bad things. Having a single unimaginative understanding of these things without discretion is though in my opinion and it seriously lacks just those 21st century skills I need to be teaching my students. So yes, TV can be the next book, why not? What is the intended outcome of books? If I read on a kindle, I guess I can call it reading but to embrace traditionalism and reverence for the old paper technology I can't call it reading a book. "Have you read that new book by Steven King?" "No, but I did read the words that are in the book on my Kindle."
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  10. this is why I've switch to tenkara , less crap to forget at home & no critics
  11. Fair enough, said in jest just like the rest of this thread, and it was to easy of a set up. I shouldn't have put it out there the way I did. I could have come up with a better analogy that would have been funny and not stepped over that invisible line. Instead of leaving though offer me a better suggestion to make my Good Ole Boy joke. Maybe the sign is on the outside of the oxymoronic Monogamous nymphing fly fishers club and the sign says no swingers allowed. Better.
  12. More Sage words! Irafly has identified himself as president of the johnny fly fishing club:)
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  13. I tried the spinning rod and jig and to be honest it doesn't work as well. I've fished next to gear guys with floats and except for only one case (Evan Burke and his center pin) I've out fished them all using the fly rod. I've even attempted to help some of those gear guys rig up the same way that I am with my flies and it just doesn't seem to work as well, they can't accomplish the same float. And that is where the center pin comes in. Although in that one case Evan was a bit off his game and I landed more steel than he did, he just hooked a couple more than I did. I would never argue though that center pin fishing is fly fishing because you do not use the weight of the line to cast the leader and fly. Just as I wouldn't say that listening to a book on tape would be the same as reading the book.

    Would you concede that a dry dropper is fly fishing?
  14. I kinda always wanted me a regular like name, I'm thinkin I like Johnny, can my last name be Johnny as well.

    "Johnny Johnny, how has the fishin been today?"
    "Oh, I've walloped me a whole load of them metal heads using this here advanced indicator set up that is Oh so superior to to that swingin crap."
    "Indicator set up? You dirty greedy good for nothing Johnny"
  15. Oh so you finally figured out that indicator fishing while wade fishing is fly fishing. It is liberating isn't it, I knew you would come around, congratulations!
  16. ................

  17. So if I put a shooting head fly line on my center pin reel and attach it to my two hander along with all the bobbers, split shot, and beads.... "Abra Ca DA-bra, Peanut Butter Sandwiches"....... I'm fly fishing!
  18. ,,,,,
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  19. You gotta work at it to get Johnson to bow out. I know. I've tried....he doesn't leave over inconsequential shit. If I got that reaction from him, I'd take a step back....and I rarely take a step back. Trust me, I can be a truly offensive man.

    Bobbers are not a technological advancement. Neither are lead shot. Available for ages...never flyfishing, still not flyfishing, never to be flyfishing.

    Go Red Sox,
  20. My only issue in arguments like this is that some people seem to think that everyone picks one method and that's the only way they fish.
    It's like when people bitch about "gear guys." Am I a gear guy? Yes. Am I a fly fisherman? Yes.

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