Yarnies - Love or Hate?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by flyfishmt, Nov 10, 2013.

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    Right from the pen of Lefty Kreh, one of the greatest fly fisherman to ever walk the face of this Earth. Here is a quote from his article Nymphing Tactics for Big Trout:

    "Since the fly needs to be close to the bottom almost all imitations carry some weight. When fishing floating lines some weight in the fly is almost always necessary. But remember that too much weight makes the fly devoid of life as it moves across the bottom. The trick is to combine some weight with the different sinking tips so the fly gets into the feeding zone but drifts naturally.

    An indicator helps the fly fishermen know when to strike. Indicator size varies with the fly. The indicator must be buoyant enough to keep the fly from dredging the bottom. With lighter flies the indicator is small, but when using larger and heavily weighted flies indicators, are usually of buoyant yarn. It can be huge, as large as a golf ball!"

    I had the privilege of fishing with him during my guiding days, and he is an amazing individual and a world class fly fisherman.
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    Article on Dave Whitlock's strike indicators:

    For 50 years Dave’s been developing strike indicators for more successful nymphing. The Telstrike Indicator is his most productive and favorite design to date. It allows strike detection of nymphs or micro-jigs faster and more accurately than any other design on the market. It is durable and trouble free, casts smoothly, lights on the water softly and reveals when the fly has reached its maximum depth.

    The Telstrike ‘flag’ visually telegraphs every move the fly makes and alerts the fly fisher.
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    thanks guys. I thought I was doing it wrong and I was a gear head with a fly pole. oh, I do fish gear sometimes, I like a change but I rather would fish with a fly pole on a nice peaceful day chasing trout or salmon.
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    these purist swingers are 90 percent casting and 10 percent fishing..please dont confuse them with complicated, weighted line and indicator babble. isn't it enough that we all enjoy being at the River.
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    Fixed it for you;)
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    I have caught steel swinging (With a dry line and a full sink) and for me I enjoy watching the indicator more. In fact I always let my indicator swing at the end of a drift and on those rare occassions where I take my eye off the indicator and I end up hooking a steelhead, I'm always bummed that I missed the take down. For me the surprise tug doesn't really do that much for me in comparison to the surprise take down and hook up.

    It doesn't bother me, but I do know that it bugs some guys that I call myself a flyfisherman when I use an indicator, and as I've stated before it seems to me that swingers are the ones who are bent out of shape about this, not indicator fisherman even though they tend to say it is the other way around and so I keep goading them into proving my point. I'd say so far I'm doing quite well. I have no illusions about the fact that I'm flyfishing but for some reason their are people on here that just can't let it go. I'm going to defend it to death because I enjoy the grief it gives the traditionalists and I love to reiterate the hypocracy of it all. For example, lets take your question and turn it back on you. Maybe you have never said that it doesn't matter to you, but why do you continue to defend your position "to the death"? Aren't you doing the same? Is it that important to you that I not call myself a flyfisherman when I use an indicator? Or maybe your just having fun too?
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    So what we need is super-dense tippet and floating leaders with a bright spot on them; that way we can get a vertical presentation without attaching anything to the line!
    Or we could all work together to rehab a bunch of runs and rivers so there is enough room for swingers and nymphos to fish without seeing each other.
    Either way, y'all are toasting in a troll bread.
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    Flyfishing, no doubt!
  10. Irafly

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    Fascinating! Thanks for sharing, if it is hatchery, I drag it, but I'm thinking a net no matter what from now on. Good call.
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    I like your take on this flyfishmt and it was my plan to go there next if needed. I was going to ask the traditionalist to say that Brian Chan and Phil Rowley were not flyfisherman. Your examples I think are much better. I wonder if they are willing to step and say that some of the greats of the sport were not or are not actually flyfishing.
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    Just checking in! WOW this thread is still going??????? Holy crap Batman!
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    Many Czech nymphers already essentially do this with fluorocarbon tippet and sections of colored leader, often forming the colored leaders into a spiral strike indicator made of just leader material (commercially produced ones are also available).


    The spiral strike indicator is not a bobber so I am unclear if it is fly fishing or gear fishing. It is equally confusing that the technique was used to win the World Flyfishing Championship so while they clearly see it as fly fishing, it is designed to catch more fish, not fewer fish. So confusing... But if this spiral indicator is still fly fishing, what about a short extra section of hollowed-out fly line, a small piece of wool or yarn indicator? If no shot is used is that still gear fishing? And what about those pinch-on foam indicators? Like I said, it is all very confusing...
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    As much as I love this thread, I have to say it has been outdone already by the Yarnie Variation thread.

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    I don't have a dog in this fight(other than the link about beaching fish), but I will say this: I've had recurring dreams of getting the perfect drift with an indicator. I've never had dreams about getting a perfect swing.
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    I am curing the eggs i have from the 4 coho hens we landed on the Chehalis yesterday. I am going back down this Friday to kill more coho on the same spinner. I am bringing my new 6wt fly rod. I will be trying for my first coho on a fly rod.

    sidetrack is over...... carry on!
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    Good for you sop, I knew I could count on you! As it is, I anchor, cast and retrieve my indicator while stillwater fishing. I'm giving another presentation on my techniques to yet another fly club on Thursday (funny, no gear clubs have asked me to present yet, maybe I'm missing a viable market :)). Please don't let them know that what I'm instructing them in is not actually fly fishing.

    As for drugs, I prefer beer while out indicator fishing on a lake, but I am never bored doing it. My mind is constantly processing information and I'm making adjustments all the time to what I'm doing. Just like any type of fishing, those who engage in it with fidelity will overall catch more fish than those who don't.
  19. Irafly

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    I have that same dream!
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    Thats cool. I also fish spinners for coho , in fact I make my own spinners because I enjoy all aspects of the fishing game.

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