Yarnies - Love or Hate?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by flyfishmt, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. really don't care...don't use 'em for steelhead (although just might now so that lots of uppity TH guys can NOT say anything to me on the river, but be seething inside), use 'em (small size) for trout and whitefish on occasion and they work great when trout or whitefish are feeding on eggs.
  2. yes, for steelhead gear fishing only.
  3. Yes!
  4. No kidding!

    Learning some gear fishing techniques last summer had me wishing for the simplicity of a chironomid hatch.

  5. Spool of 8 or 10# Ultra Green, tip wallet, and a box of flies. Doesn't get much better or more simple than that.
  6. I had never heard of a yarnie until this thread came along. Honestly, I still have no idea what a yarnie is and after reading most of this thread I don't care if I ever know.
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  7. Also expensive! I have spent so much more money to fish with gear and I've only been at it a bit. The boat alone was way more, plus the motors....sweet Jesus the motors.

    Of all the types of flyfising, steelhead flyfishing may be the simplest and that may be why I love it most. It's simplicity really helps me to truly be away from it all.

    Go Sox,
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  8. Jesus Christ, this is retarded.

    I hate myself for having read even part of this.

    except of course, for Salmo G....
  9. The Steelhead Forum:

    Self-Loathing Served Daily.
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  10. Weren't the first flies tied with wool yarn? So yarnies are the grandfather of flies

  11. well, if you want to play that game, your hairwing in turn evolved into a ji...I mean Intruder...your long-belly into a Skagit...etc etc etc...
  12. All I know is that Skagit heads and T-14 is gear fishing.
  13. Wrong thread... :D

  14. Well how else is this baby gonna get to 30 pages? Sheesh ;)

  15. Says the gentleman holding the 15' rod.
  16. Well there's a "Freudian slip" if I ever saw one.
  17. So close to page 25... hopefully this post will do the trick.

    Its not the size of the wand, its the magic in the wand.
    ( unless the wand happens to be smaller than average) :D
  18. Negative! It's gear that is used to flyfish properly. Unlike a friggin' bobber and whatever you wannabes like to huck.​
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  19. This thread reminds me of endless Ford - Chevy debates I grew up with.. no Dodge, we all hated Dodge!

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