Yarnies - Love or Hate?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by flyfishmt, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. I was fishing the Bogey, and ran into this guy, who I think now hates the Yarnie. His buddy wasn't watching where he was casting and impaled with the hook. By coincidence, the barb wasn't pinched either. I used the old mono hook removal trick on him and sent him on his merry way.

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  2. Ouch! Another good reason to not fish near other people. I'm enough hazard to myself. I don't need some other guy to snag me with a yarnie, fly, or anything else, barbed or barbless.
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  4. almost to 25 pages, come on, you can do it...

    All I know is this: I'm going fishing today. Chances are, I'll be swinging that lure...I mean fly with the marabou, trailing hook and bead in my other post...perhaps nymphing with a pink bugger for a little bit both with and without an indi...I mean bobber....All done on a fly rod with the fly line carrying those "flies" at the terminal end..all while this silly debate rages on.

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  6. Delusional.
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  8. Why is it only the single handers use this quote? ;):p
  9. I'm fishing the Skagit tomorrow so I am currently tying up a butt load of "yarnies" to swing for brats.
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  10. Your fishing for Bratwurst? Is that really fly fishing?
  11. Probably soaking the yarnies over night in mustard.:D
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  12. Fished the Skagit kinda hard today, hard for an old guy anyway. No fish. I now officially hate yarnies. Maybe I should have brought my bait casting setup and nymphed those yarnies instead of swinging them.
  13. Kerry , Don't worry " even a blind monkey finds a bananna once in a while". Sooner or later you will find success again !!!!
  14. Just how will this thread get to page 30?
  15. Hey, can you fish yarnies with a Tenkara pole?
  16. My new favorite technique is dapping yarnies for still water steelhead with a tenkara pole

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  17. I imagine you could, But the traditional method is to dapple pearls. This is were the idea for fishing beads came from.
  18. Kerry,

    Ya' didna' git' noo fishees wit da yarnies becooz ya' didna' pute dem in da bere ta soke furst! Ya gotsta mak da yarnie dezirbul ta da fishees beye uzin' da proper prepairin'. Den ya wach da fishees grabb onna da yarnie 'cuzin de like da bere flavore wen de is soked inna it.
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  19. Hell I'd eat/drink beer yarnies.
  20. This thread has gone way off topic. Let me help. Please complete the following statement.

    "People who fish beads under indicators are...."

    That should get us to 30 pages.

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