Yarnies - Love or Hate?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by flyfishmt, Nov 10, 2013.

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    There were 4 posts about it from other members before Daniel said anything, and all Daniel said was he can't go into it.

    You need to relax and stop searching for arguments on the internet.
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    Chuck Noriss catches carp with yarnies..... Tenkara!
  4. Irafly Active Member

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    You do know that Ringlee was joking right? I'm mean he had to be, right? Have you read this thread? It can't be degraded!
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  5. David Dalan 69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E

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    SNAP IT!!

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    Nowz weez a tawkin bout carp and Chuck Norris. I dunna tink hez a feeshermon, soz I dunna tink he gooz a carp feeshin. Butt aniways iffin he dooz, head git hisself summa dat corn shine anna soke dat dair yarnie wif it gode. Denz hede be abel ta git hisself summa dem carps. An he cudda alsow tek hisself a leetel drink ovva da shine as hez a feeshin. Den wen he done git hisself enni carps, he wudda not caire cozen hede be feelin purtee goode.

    Den agin, iffin ya uz da beer onna do yarni, yude bee abel ta git yerself sum a dem catfeesh er bitter yit, a cuppel a bigmowth basses. Den ya coode av a sip a da shine anna waash it down wif da beer. Den da udder goode ol booys wudda cum a runnin an hede hav hisself a partee.
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    Now I of course really need to know, you were joking weren't you Ringlee.... Ringlee?
  9. Connor H Bobbers n Beadz

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    I never would have guessed 27 pages deep into a thread about yarnies... So has anybody tried dipping their yarnies in Shrimp scent?
  10. PT Physhicist

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    No need. Just put 'em under a float and slay the steel. Easy as that. ;)
  11. Ringlee Doesn't care how you fish Moderator

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    You mad Bro?
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    Feeling that time of the month, as Salmo_G suggested, again. It is all fun until things start filling our reported content box. Do not mistake this thread for the Rookies Log thread. Got questions? Send a PM. I won't go into the private message details.

    This thread needs to get positive, fun or closed. Which is to be seen.

    Internet flexing...funny, especially coming from an anonymous screen name. Funny for sure.

    As for yarnies, love them at the right time. Hate them the rest of the time.
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  14. PT Physhicist

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    We don't make a whole lot of money down at the shoe lace re-tipping factory, so I am forced to look for other sources of income to support my fishing habit, hunting dogs and wife. Not necessarily in that order. Well, exactly in the order. After several attempts to sell my body failed, I had to look for steady sources of dinero. So, now I guide, tie flies, shovel snow, rake leaves, recycle beer cans and what ever else I can to bring in a few extra bucks.

    As a result of my hard work coupled with a little bit of luck, I found myself sitting on a little bit of extra cash. I thought about re-roofing the single wide, but I think it will make it another winter. So instead, I bout myself a Sage Method Elite 9 foot, 8 weight.

    Well, the first day, I took it out chasing chrome, it cast like a dream. I am quite sure that if I hadn't had that 1", hot pink bobber and 6 split shot on it, I would have been casting 75 feet or more. After I made a few casts with it, my buddy says, "I can't believe you spent $1,325.00 on a fly rod and your throwing beads with it!!!"

    His comment struck a chord with me, because I suddenly realized he was 100% correct. Nobody, I mean nobody should ever buy the Stradivarius of fly rods and then throw plastic beads. I immediately walked over to my fly vest and chose the one fly that I knew would fully compliment my newly acquired prized possession. Yes folks, it was a chartreuse/cerise Yarnie. Now, that's what I am talking about.
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    Boy, the balls on this horse must really hurt by now.
  17. sopflyfisher Active Member

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    i love how there is little talk of tech or otherwise on here, but bobbers get top Billing. now I'm not opposed to a little ball busting and fun but i would say that there should be an indicator section of the forum as it might make the steelhead forum usable again.
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  18. PT Physhicist

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    A thread lambasting the use of Skagit heads as true spey fishing would go nicely over here. I'd start it, but wouldn't be able to stop.
  19. Kaiserman content

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    I double-dog-dare you to....
  20. Danielocean Steelhead Virgin

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    Yeah Ralphie, I TRIPLE dog dare you.