Yarnies - Love or Hate?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by flyfishmt, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. one more run now open wooooohooooo;)
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    Rob, I think you got the analogy backwards. If pissing off a woman so badly that she chases you down and bitch slaps you is your idea of showing her love and making her swoon, I am guessing there are restraining orders with your name on them, LOL.

    Me, I'll take the guy who is paying attention to what I like and offers to buy me my favorite dinner...
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    Wait...you're a chick?
  4. g_smolt

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    Wait...you're a chick?
  5. g_smolt

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    that was weird...I hit the "post reply" button once and got a whole pile of messages
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    Yeah, brightly colored chickens on lead line=fly fishing. Not nymphs.... That fish actually see and eat.

    . I'd be glad to point you towards several sites if it meant I didn't have to see anymore of your nonsense.
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    I think if you want to be accurate,spey casting using cables coated in flyline is not flyfishing either..grab a single hand 7 or 8 weight and cast a dry line with traditional flies.that will make you feel better
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    Nice. Everything you say on here makes all the sense in the world. Give us a break bucky. We all have a right to our opinions whether you like them or not.
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    Are you talking about the blue ones or the green ones? imag025.jpg imag029.jpg
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    Lol priceless.
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    Wait . . . are you now saying that steelhead don't actually see and eat a swung fly? Or that nymphing is a more sporting way to fish for steelhead than swinging with tips? I'm confused. And for a guy who claims not to fish for steelhead and admits to never having caught one on the fly, you have quite a lot of opinions on this topic.
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  12. Nick Clayton

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    So do these definitions of fly fishing change when fishing for other species?

    Is nymphing for trout fly fishing? My beef is with the definition people put on it. It had zero to do with the species of choice.

    If swinging for trout is fly fishing and nymphing is not, then my argument stands if you all tell me the definition is different, then I'll leave it be.
  13. Nick Clayton

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    On second thought I'm going to bow out of this one. It's true I have no dog in this fight. No sense stirring the pot when I'm not even gonna sit down and eat. My apologies.
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    About time.
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  15. Jason Rolfe

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    This thread is ridiculous. If I had the time, I would list all the ways you guys are putting words in each others mouths, twisting each others arguments, drawing unfounded conclusions from eachothers statements, and generally just being silly.

    I like, appreciate, and even respect most of you based on what I've seen elsewhere on this forum and in real life, but seriously this thread got stupid really quickly.

    Please, for fuck's sake, go back and read what you and other people have typed. I mean, really read it. The basics are this:

    1. Swinging for steelhead is less effective than nymphing for them. I don't think that anyone would argue that. If you are nymphing all day, especially from a boat, you are going to be able to show your fly to a lot more fish.
    2. Some people believe that your choice of methods says something about you.
    3. If you are a greedy dick, you are a greedy dick, no matter how you fish.
    4. The argument about what constitutes fly fishing can be a fun one, and it will never end. But in this thread it is just silly.

    Imagine this conversation in real life!

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  16. KerryS

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    And so are you.....give me a buck and it is yours.
  17. Freestone

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    Agree. But here is what I find silly in the whole nymphing vs swing debate: I wonder if the debate was BEADING vs SWINGING, if there would be a different argument. But when you say NYMPHING, this is what I hear:

    Flyfishing or not.jpg

    Note the barbell eyes on the Intruder almost bigger than the whole Lightning Bug, lol!


    Not flyfishing.jpg
    These nymphs are my most productive steelhead flies with the size 14 being the most productive. But I've caught plenty on sz 16. I rarely run anything bigger than a sz 12-10 on top with a 14-16 on the bottom. I also rarely add shot or additional weight so rather than dragging bottom, they are often dead drifting/free tumbling and the fish move to them. Some of you may thing the hook-up ratio is 100% but I can guarantee you it is not even close, especially when wade fishing. Like any trout, a steelhead will sometimes just sit there and watch it pass by while other times, they move to the fly, inspect it and reject it, but occasionally they eat it.

    You may call fishing small nymphs unsporting but from the impact to the fish, what is more unsporting? A fish slowly moving/rising a short distance to check out a nymph thereby using very little of the reserved energy they need to spawn successfully or pissing a steelhead off so badly they give chase to a fast moving swung fly, travelling a relatively large distance to chase it, thereby using up much more of their reserved energy whether or not the fish actually bites the fly? Plus, when a fish inspects or refuses a nymph, it rarely is leaving or loosing its holding spot. But when it follows a spey swung fly across and 100' down the river, it not only has to spend more energy to get 'home' but it may find someone else has moved in. To me, being 'sporting' has as much to do with the impact of the 'chase' on the quarry as it does with the odds of the angler's/hunter's success.
  18. Yard Sale

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    I wonder how much pressure you can put on a fish with a size 16 hook? Guess out east you get mostly smaller fish?
  19. skyrise

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    ok so does anyone have had good success with a sink tip and yarnie/egg fly ?
    having tried it every year now without any luck i can guess why it does not work in a moving water swing approach. i just cant talk myself out of trying each year though.
    any thoughts ?
  20. Chris Johnson

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    SEAN! keep a civil tongue on his boots!
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