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  1. Silver fishing has slowed for me the past couple of days in MA-9. Managed to get a nice ~6 pounder this weekend though. Surprisingly, I'm catching more pinks than silvers again (Booo!).

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  2. Tim,

    You better watch what you say or the
    Pink Police will knock on your door.

    Poor Old Dave
  3. Oh no! THEY came last night and painted a big slimey pink "X" on my front door...they're coming for me!
  4. I really like pinks. My roses have been blooming like crazy this year after I planted a pink at the base of each one earlier in August.

    I am a little worried about the Pink Police though. Remember that Pink Salmon Flyod song "Run Like Hell"???

    You better run like hell
    You better paint your waders pink in
    Your favourite humpy disguise
    With your sharpened hooks and your
    pink maribou flies
    With your empty smile
    And your hungry gut
    Feel the bile rising from your guilty angling past
    With your nerves in tatters
    From the photo share flatterers
    And the humpy haulers batter
    Down the door
    You better gun like hell
    You better sun all day
    And run all night
    And keep your dirty coho feelings
    Deep inside
    And if you take your 8 weight
    Out tonight,
    You better park the car
    Well out of sight
    Cos if they catch you on the tide line
    Trying to catch silvers for lox
    They’re gonna send you back to mother
    In a keta cardboard box
    You better run
  5. :rofl: Good stuff! Hey, any new reports from the silver situation in MA-9? Should I be chasing Coho or SRCs this weekend? (or head home to MT for some hopper fishin for big browns :p)
  6. Gofish, I feel like the difference between most complaints about pinks and what you did is that you went beyond complaining about the crowds and quality to just plain criticizing people for liking to catch a fish. I mean, if you can head out to a beach close to home and cast with a decent chance of catching a salmon from 3-6lbs, that will probably give you a good fight... whats the problem? Should people really not enjoy that experience because the season is associated with crowds and poor ethics, or because pinks don't taste as good or fight as well as another species of salmon, or because some other person thinks that pinks are lame?

    I'm sure there was sarcasm in your post, but it still seemed like you made a distinct effort to get under people's skin, and now you call them the pink police because you succeeded in offending them? I'd say folks would be hard pressed to be offended by DimeBrite throwing "(Booo!)" in at the end of a post because he is catching pinks again while fishing for coho, but thats a far cry from going into a thread of pink reports and calling people out for no apparent reason.
    Just my take on it... and apologies for posting this on a silver report, but it was already a bit off topic before I got here.
  7. Where did all the fish go? Lost a 4lb ish silver last night. My only bite. Decided to try the morning tide today. Not even a tap. I may need to shower to get the stink off. There's always tomorrow.
  8. Slow morning today as well. I saw a total of three coho landed including this one! View attachment 44117
  9. Good work, Bob!
  10. I am so extremely jealous! I haven't caught jack schart but 2 tiny src's off the beach... I love over near Purdy and Port Orchard and have no motivation on driving 40 miles one way to toss a fly, so I reckon it will be a fishless year for me :(

    Nice fish ALL of you!
  11. There will be some chum action close to home later this fall - always a good time on a fly rod!
  12. i love near purdy too but that is another subject
    the tribe is catching silvers at said love spot
    so koolmonix you have got a shot
    some rezzies around too

    i fished the lower willipa yesterday and saw lots of silvers and kings
    nothing to take home but fun casting a nymph rig (i guess)
  13. For you guys over in the Purdy area, is the Coho run just ramping up or coming to a close over there? I have a buddy over there that told me it's just about over. Everything I've read and heard though tells me they come after the pinks. He fishes mainly up by Dabob Bay so maybe they run early over/up there. I'm looking to head up there so hope I'm not coho on the grill!
  14. Whoo Hoo. The two day skunk is off. Picked up two nice hens this morning on a cobblestone Area 9 beach. Missed one other fish. Both fish were caught 1/2 hour on either side of the morning high tide.
  15. Nicely done. Things seemed to have dropped off a bit so it is refreshing to here of a solid report.

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