Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks

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  1. Jake Smulkowski

    Jake Smulkowski Throwing hoppers into baetis falls

    Spent a week in Yellowstone and Glacier - I went with a friend who fishes some but not too much, so fishing was a low priority. Spent an evening at the confluence of the Gibbon and Firehole, and promptly broke off two nice browns. The next day, I hooked up with three beautiful cutthroats on Slough Creek in about an hour of fishing. Luckily, it was nice and cool and the fish were obliging. Pic of the fish in the muck is from Slough Creek...the other two were substantially larger, but it was tough to get a pic because I was fishing by myself.

    In Glacier, I took a day to fish a small stream on the west side of the park. Gin clear small water, cascading over shelves of sandstone and limestone. This was one of the most beautiful stretches of stream I have ever fished - the cutthroat were small, but feisty. The other fish pics are from this stream. There were a couple larger (14 inch or so) cutthroat in some of the tougher nooks and crannies, but the low, clear water made it so your first cast was just about your only chance.

    A wonderful trip, I can't wait to fish the upper Madison again - and to not get owned by those browns the next time.
  2. Ed Johnston

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    Nice fish, lose the friend, nothing should trump fishing on the priority list.
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    why do you have to take pictures of those fish? I dont get it
  4. TWD

    TWD Travis

    looks like a great trip ... love fishing in the park!
  5. Jake Smulkowski

    Jake Smulkowski Throwing hoppers into baetis falls

    I don't follow. What are you trying to say?