Yellowstone Park near Livingston, MT

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by dbk, Jul 6, 2004.

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    The 1st of August, I will be in Livingston and I was hoping to make a two-three day trip into Yellowstone to do some fishing there for the first time. Having never been there before, I was looking for some recommendations on which rivers I should fish in that area of the park which are in relatively close proximity to that particular park entrance. Thanks.
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    Awesome. I specialize on places just outside of the park, not in it though. Let me know if want some info on the surrounding area though.
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    dbk, i have no advise, but will be tuned in as we might attend the conclave in west yellowstone the middle of august. we have never been in the area so it will be a first. thanks
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    When you are in Livingston, go to Dan Bailey's for some good local advice. Like anywhere make sure you buy some stuff and you will get great advice. There is another shop just south of the Freeway, George Anderson's I believe.

    Also used to be a shop in Gardiner right at the N. Park Entrance.

    Make sure you fish the Yellowstone all the way up to the park. Some real nice fish in there. Hire a guide for a float if you have to, but if you are on foot here's a little tip for an easy spot to access.

    Go to Mallard Duck landing. Kind of a steep pull off on the East side going upriver. Drive all the way down and upstream as far as the access will go, which is not far. Park your car and walk upstream around the corner, cottonwoods all along there, until you leave the cotton woods. Now the river will have some thick reeds along the bank. Keep walking and they will part a bit. Be there at the right time and the fish will be working those reeds downstream from you. You will want to cast out, but keep looking in tight to those reeds. A very nice fish used to live there. I'm quite certain he had some offspring.

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    >Awesome. I specialize on places just outside of the
    >park, not in it though. Let me know if want some info
    >on the surrounding area though.

    I would love to have some more information on the area and I appreciate the help. If you would rather email me with it, my address is I actually was in the Livingston area around the middle of June and spent a day fishing Armstrong's Spring Creek. It was my first time there, and I had a wonderful day of fishing. Absolutely beautiful creek to fish. Any suggestions you ave regarding other spring creeks or streams/rivers in this area would be most appreciated. Thanks again.
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    i was just up in idaho to fish henry's lake but thats a different story x( there is a lake in the park named beulah lake and it was pretty good there were 4 of us and total we caught 40 something cutthroat not all of them were big but they were all good fighters. the one problem is that you have to hike a ways into it 2.5 miles and the elevation changes a bunch. my grandpa made it and he's 77 years old but he's also fit as a fiddle so be cautioned it is not easy but it's worth it