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  1. Going to be at big timber for ten days in October.I will be fishing mostly the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone.Anyone kind enough to share a few patterns would be greatly appriciated,or I'd gladly accept a few donation fly's sent to my office 11713 NW 34th ave Vancouver Wa, 98685. Thanks- Thad Ary
  2. i've never personally fished the clark's fork of the yellowstone, but i've seen it and by that time of the year it is pretty low (this year may be different because august has been like october in montana, highs in the 40's with rain off and on over the past few weeks). that being said, i'd skip the clark's fork and fish the main stream of the yellowstone or the bighorn...big streamers on sinking lines or baetis if you like fishin dries
  3. Ok thanks for the advice Keaten.I figured I'd be fishin the clarks fork being that the lodge Im stayin at is on that part of the river.But Im amsuming we'll be on the main stem aswell.Was wondering if you've tried sink tip attachments Orvis has a sytem out that loops onto your floating line.
    Im wondering if they work well.I think that would save me from carrying an extra spool.(I like to pack light).
  4. I have fished the Clarks fork of the yellowstone and done very well! I prefer to fish dries and have had luck with stimis that are brown, tan, olive or yellow. I tye them in sizes 8-14, and if you like tye on a dropper.

    Also last time I was there in August the mosquitos were eating us alive, just a heads up.
  5. I just fished it a few weeks ago with tiny dries. caught alot of small fish in a short period of time.

    you aint kidding. use lots of bug dope, those guys are vicious there.
  6. OK good advice so I guess the next question is.. What is the best bug spray.I used to have whats called cactus juice made from 100% organic ingredients, including cactus nectar.It worked great and I could use it on my face without poising me.But don't see it around anymore.
  7. You guys really have mosquito problems in October? I would guess they are pretty well gone for the year after a couple of hard frosts.
  8. The Clarks Fork is quite aways away from Big I am assuming you meant the main stem of the Yellowstone. Anyways streamers, streamers and more streamers.

  9. those will work for sure...personally i haven't used the orvis sink-tips (mainly rio and some from airflo), but yeah attachable/detachable sink-tips work great if you are switchin back and forth from a streamer to a dry or what not...don't be afraid to go big (ginormous is more the word i'm lookin for) with your streamers...bring your #16-20 BWOs for the sippers me if you need anything else :beer2:

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