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  1. Davy Active Member

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    I have been thinking yellow lately I guess......

    Hook; #10 Wilson double
    Tail; Senegal Parrot , redwing over &1/2 length
    tag; sparkle gold mylar
    rear body; uniglow yellow (1/4 shank)
    forebody- yellow feathers; toucan,tanager etc
    over&under body feather; senegal parrot
    Underwing; 4 UV yellow hackles
    Overwing;6-8 Golden Pheasant crests
    Undersides-jungle fowl
    throat;black mallard

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  2. Hal Eckert Member

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    On a double no less, I am out of doubles:confused:

    Great fly :thumb:


  3. FT Active Member

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    Beautifully composed and tied fly that is very reminisent of the topping wing flies from the Victorian era. It should be a good one to use in bright sun with clear water.