Yesterday was the best day in a long while, a report

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by formerguide, May 6, 2013.

  1. Jeff Member

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    Wow, nice video of your kid fishing like a master there... Strip, strip, strip. Fish on... Here let me set the hook, keep a finger on the line so the fish can't run, so I can real in the slack and get 'em on the reel. Nice fishing there little man and nice job coaching from the dad! Impressive!

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  2. Rob Ast Active Member

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    Sweet. I'm still trying to get my 6 year old into her first fish - attention span is too short. What reel do you have paired with the gecko?
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  3. Stew McLeod aka BigMac

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    Great video and pics. Thanks for sharing. As others mention, takes us back to when we worked with our young ones ...
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  4. Paul Norton Member

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    Wow, that's just awesome. Thanks for sharing.
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  5. Dipnet aka Tim Hartman

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    Way cool, Dan!

    When's he gonna start guiding?
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  6. Alosa Active Member

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    I have a two year old and I can't wait to get him into fly fishing. He doesn't have the same challenges as your son, but it's great to see you taking the time to expose him to these things as best you can. You're an inspiration. I only HOPE to be as good a dad as you clearly are.
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  7. Alosa Active Member

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    Whoops...double post.
  8. bigdood fishing hack

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    Jeez, his first day out and already caught trout larger than I have!
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  9. Josh Stroud Active Member

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    Awesome... Huge bow, I am jealous!
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  10. dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

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    Delightful, absolutely delightful. Little kids are the best!
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  11. aplTyler Inept Steelheader

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    Great stuff Dan! The whole thing made my evening. Calvin seems like a great kid and a heck of an angler!
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  12. Chad Lewis NEVER wonder what to do with your free time

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    Dude, Calvin is awesome! Please, keep it coming.
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  13. o mykiss Active Member

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    He's clearly capable of outfishing most of us on WFF! Great report!
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  14. Steve Saville Active Member

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    Priceless video, Dan. I'm happy to see he's able to get out. That's a day you and he will never forget. KUDOs again to Anil and Joe and to you for being a great dad.
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  15. Blake Harmon Active Member

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  16. Steve Call Active Member

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    Go Calvin! You are a fish catching machine. That one fish was huge. Your Dad is the greatest.
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  17. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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    Two thumbs up, great pics.
    Another fly fishing addict
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  18. smole Member

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    Thanks for sharing! Nothing beats a proud Dad and his child enjoying a day outdoors.
    Good stuff.
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  19. David Prutsman All men are equal before fish

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    This just made my day!
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  20. Dipnet aka Tim Hartman

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    BTW, I'm also likin' the pirate patch on Calvin's shirt! :)
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