Yesterdays "Day on the river"

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Davy, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. Davy Active Member

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    Now that I am a owner of a speyrod,(not a speycaster for sure yet) I thought I would check out one of our sponsers (River Run Anglers) Spey clinics that the owner,Aaron, titles, "A day on the river",.

    He does this at the mouth of the Tolt on the bar there and what a perfect place.There was a pretty large turnout,probably 30 people,Aaron got me downstream and working on the"set-up",apparently this is all I will be doing for a month or so.He is so knowlegable and patient,even with a "just get it out there and fish,the heck with technique type caster like me.He got me so I could "feel" and see my rod loading with the correct anchor placement and now I can go practice all week.

    Apparently he does these every Saturday morning and anyone is free to join them.

    It was fun ,informative and just an all around good time.

    His very well stocked vintage shop in Carnation has just about anything a steelhead tyer or speycaster could need.

    Anyone looking for fun morning and/or has an interest in speycasting would be well advised to check this out.He provided(s) speyrods and reels for all to use .AND he's one of our sponsers!

    Yesterday was the day George Cook from Sage gave a demostration and was there the whole morning helping people casting as well in addition to bringing all the latest Sage gear for participants to try.(that little 12' 5/6 weight Spey looks wonderful for streamer trout fishing) The morning lasted a little longer than usual others told me.Its usually just a couple of hours.But we were on the river until around 12:30 or so yesterday.Yes, we were all well chilled I think.

    Anyway, just wanted to talk about the experience a little and thank Aaron.

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    My wife and I made it to one of Aaron's saturday gatherings. Met lots of folks and had a great time. Got to try out some really nice rods and learned a lot, especially that I'm developing some bad habits. Vickie even got into the act and tried a spey rod for herself (she now has a gleam in her eye whenever "spey casting" is menetioned).

    I just wish we lived a little closer. It's about a two hour drive for us to get there. Well worth the trip though.

  3. Davy Active Member

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    REE -It is fun isn't it?

    It's about an hour for me normally- yesterdays homebound trip turned into 3 hours with all the people doing 15 MPH due to "A" snowflake landing on their windshield.What a mess.

    Let's hit a river huh?

  4. Brent Comer Member

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    Davy, I was there. I was wearing a white WFF hat. I know what you mean about being the owner of a Spey rod. I think it takes quite a bit of practice to become a Spey caster. The guys at the Day on the River are very patient teachers. I can't believe we have such a great opportunity to learn about Spey casting in Carnation.

    I would definitely like to thank Aaron for putting on such a great event. :thumb:
  5. Zen Piscator Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.

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    Sweet guys, now someone give me 300 bux so i can get a spey and stop shorting out my keyboard from drooling. Stop the madness, there is a solution:

    The Andy Simon Spey Rod Fund

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    Andy, btw that really is my number, please do feel free.