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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Anil, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. Anil Active Member

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    South Puget Sound - August 5th, 2005
    RECORDED: 68 ° FISHING: Excellent
    Puget Sound Fly Company is proud to offer current fishing reports for the exciting saltwater opportunities available in the South Puget Sound. These reports come from staff fishing trips, customers and friends. Please call us at (253) 839-4119 if you are new to the area or estuary fishing in general.

    FISHING: The fishing was INCREDIBLE this morning. There were more Humpies than I have ever seen off of the beach. What more can I say.

    FLIES: Pink Clouser Minnow, ‘Bozo’ Shock and Awe, and Pink Candies


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  2. ibn Moderator

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    Why did I sleep in this morning?! :(
  3. Stephen Rice Senior Member

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    I hear that IBN I can't wait to get up there!
  4. cmtundra New Member

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    Why did I go to work this morning?
  5. wboles3 Member

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    I thought about going out there this morning. However, the wife brought back some Korean Soju and I sampled a little to much last night. ptyd I will definitely be out there tomorrow morning though.

  6. Willie Bodger Still, nothing clever to say...

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    Umm... you can tell me which beach, what rock and at what angle I should hold my wrist as I cast to the fishies waiting out there for me.. ;)

    Or not...

    Glad to hear somebody found fish this morning. I was so pumped to get out there in my little pontoon boat and get to those silvers that always seem to hang just out of casting range. So, the with the lack of fish and and the fact that I was out on the water I started to think about how much I must look like a pair of mating seals up on the surface of the water and really hope there weren't any really large carnivores below me ! :eek:

  7. hikepat Patrick

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    Saturday I seemed to have fish around me all day out there. Even had a 15 LBS or so King bounce off the Kayak on Saturday. Made me wonder what the fish think of the kayak as seen from below. 2nd time in three weeks a large King has been right next to the boat and not on my line. I have also had 3 Silvers or Pinks not sure which within a foot of the boat feeding and many more Silvers Pinks and Kings not as close to the boat. I still can not seem to catch a Pink out there but at least the local Silvers are still taking my flies. Seemed to be a few kings out there on Saturday but they did not seem to want to play with me. Did see 2 of the boats catch them. Sunday the action was pretty dead. Saw a few Pinks caught from the beach and none on the boats. Saw only one fish on the suface other then a few brought up by a seal.
  8. Jay Allyn The Poor-Student Fly Fisher

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    Was at this spot this morning. Caught 2 pinks and had a thrid on. Not super fast fishing buy it kept me busy until the tide changed too much.