Yet another fine fishing report.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by atomic dog, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. The weather decided to be reasonable yesterday morning, so on a whim I hopped in the truck and set out to explore another E.WA blue line. An hour later I park and get set up in my waders, etc. I grab the sections of my fly rod and try to assemble them...F#@K. I had the butt section of my 4wt and the tip section of my 2wt. Not exactly compatible.

    Well, I didn't drive for an hour and get all dolled up in my waders for nothing. I hiked down to the water with 4 1/2 ft of my fly rod, tied on a couple nymphs and an indicator and cast around for a few minutes.Casting was surprisingly adequate for 15 or so feet with only half a rod. I wish this was the part where I told you I hooked and landed a feisty little rainbow, but the water was quite high, fast and murky. I wasn't interested in doing any bushwhacking looking for calmer water, so I headed back home.

    I'm starting to feel like the George Costanza of fly fishing.

  2. I would just count that as a scouting trip.
  3. How on earth did you manage to mix up sections from two rods?
  4. Well underneath his name it the thing called a turkey. That should say it all. LOL
  5. Both rods are black. I had them both broken into two pieces and propped in a corner. I grabbed what I thought were two pieces of the same rod and didn't look that closely.

    Also, what Old Man Jim said.
  6. Ha! I took a 9' gear casting rod instead of my 5weight once. Used it as a fly rod and caught a brown. Cast like shit and I quit early.
  7. You can't feel like the George Costanza of Fly Fishing until you have a Macrowdy Fly Wallet stuffed absolutely full of flies you never use.

    Oh yeah, been there and done that on the mismatched rods...thank god for duct tape, bailing wire and ferrule wax.
  8. That sucks. I try to carry two rods all the time. Spares come in handy more often than I care to admit
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  9. There ya go!!!
  10. Kudos for even trying. I keep a rod and reel tucked away in my truck at all times. It's my first rig, a supper cheap combo I bought to see if I'd like fly fishing. Got it 15 years and 5 rods ago. It has saved my bacon a few times from doing exactly what you did.
  11. I carry all my junk with me. I feel a little safer here in Montana. I even leave my truck unlocked at night here. Hows that for living on the edge.
  12. For that reason I take two rods just in case.

    Hope you at least found some good water with potential. I did the exact same scouting trip last week to a NE WA blue line. Love to hit those small streams and creeks, but just too much flow right now (chocolate milk).
  13. Shit, I sure hope the weather cooperates tomorrow as if it does I'm going to go out and beat the upper Ruby into a froth. I have all my yard work done so I'm free for a week.

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