Yet another pointless Lincoln Park report...

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by pcknshvl, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. ...well, other than the 18" rezzie yesterday, nothing. Tough head wind today, saw one large fish clear the water but he didn't want to play. Leland caught himself a large stogie.

  2. nothing after you left either
  3. What!?
    No pic of the stogie??!!
  4. I left to have lunch with a friend then took the ferry over to Kingston and fished Point No Point for a couple hours before my Popper talk at the Edmonds TU. I caught an 18" rezzie on my third cast and that was that. Also lost a good stogie.


  5. was it a LDR of the Stogie ?
  6. Seemed perfect today---low light, low wind, low tide (fished the out-going thru the slack). 2 small searuns to hand, one good boil and follow, otherwise, nothing. Saw a little bait here and there, cormorants diving out beyond casting range.

    The Times reported that the coho at Seiku have been erratic; I guess we just need to wait for these pulses of fish move through, and hope we're on the beach on the right day.


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