Yet, another wader thread.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Trent, Sep 27, 2009.

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    I have question about breathable waders and wedgies. See, I bought my first pair of breathables about a year and half ago or maybe two (can't remember), they still work fine and have never given me any leakage problems (now that I said that they probably will). What has intrigued me about them, is the fact that since I bought them they have always given me a wedgie. Now, they do not fit tight and they are the right size, but yet I get a wedgie. I have never had this problem with any of the neoprene waders I have owned, whether it be boot foot or stocking foot, so I'm wondering if this is a trend/characeristic reserved for breathable waders? About the only thing I could think of, is maybe my legs are just an inch or two too long, but yet they do not feel snug. I figured this would be a good crowd to ask this question with because I'm pretty sure everyone here has used waders at one point in their life.
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    One thing I've believe about breathables is that you gotta buy them a size too big. They don't stretch. I have a pair of $89 Joes breathables made by heaven knows who that are 6 years old and fit me like a clown suit. This summer they finally developed a seepage at my right ankle, where the neoprene booties join the wader which should be easy to fix when i get around to it. They have seen Alaska twice and several parts of BC, NM and WA and I'd guess the least days of those years at 60-80 days on the water if a mixture of wading, tubing, and pontooning. Unless you puncture your waders there's no reason anything but stress on a seam should cause a leak. Sounds like you need some longs, but try lengthening the shoulder straps.